Official Transcript Request Changes for Current, Former Students, and Alumni

Effective Fall 2016 (tentatively October 1st), online transcript orders will go through Credentials Solutions with an added feature of electronic delivery available to expedite the transcript receipt process.

Former students/alumni and students registered within the current term for regular or online "college credit" courses will have access to their unofficial transcript records, pending no active transcript holds on the student record. However, requests for an official transcript should be submitted through the new Credentials Solutions login beginning October 1, 2016.

Credentials Solutions will provide the following options for official transcripts:

  • Electronic PDF submission
  • Mailed transcripts to be sent within the United States via standard mail
  • Requests to use another form of shipping other than US standard mail and electronic PDF will incur the additional shipping fees accordingly

The following types of transcript requests may not be made for:

  • Transcripts indicating in-progress correspondence coursework
  • Students registered (current or previously) in Continuing Education courses exclusively
    • Note: The Official Transcript record provided by the Office of the Registrar will ONLY include "college credit" courses
  • Students registered in "audit" courses exclusively (Audit courses do not receive college credit.)

Official transcripts will not be released for students with a record hold on their account. Listed below are the most common record holds which prohibit the release of an official transcript.

  • Past Due Account (includes Collections, Current Term Registration Balance)
  • Student Life Holds (includes Discipline Meet and Bookstore holds)
  • Property Holds associated with departments, and specific departments such as Disability Office, and Project Connect Office
  • Finance Aid Holds (includes Exit Counseling, Federal Grant Refund/Overpay, and Perkins Loan holds)
  • Registrar Holds (includes Final Degree Requirements and Transcript-Returned Check holds)
  • Residence Life Holds
  • New International Student Service Fee