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Sam Houston State recognizes that many SHSU students and their families have been directly affected by the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey. The SAM Center is here to help.

What is SHSU doing to support students academically?

The Office of the Provost has encouraged all deans, department chairs, and faculty members to work with students who have been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. SHSU is committed to compassionate, creative support for our students. If possible, students should communicate with their instructors directly via email to let them know of individual circumstances. Students can use Blackboard to quickly locate their professors’ email addresses. If unable to access Blackboard or email their professors, students should contact an advisor at the SAM Center for assistance by calling 936-294-4444.

What if I can’t get to campus or access my online classes?

Students should contact the SAM Center to talk with an advisor. We can help you get in touch with your professors and suggest options for continuing your coursework.

Please contact:

The Student Advising and Mentoring (SAM) Center


What academic options are available?

Students who anticipate a short-term impact are encouraged to work with SAM Center advisors and their faculty members to arrange making up coursework. Please email or call the SAM Center to help you get connected with the necessary resources. If, however, students expect that the impact will be long-term, other options may be considered. To discuss these options, students should contact the SAM Center as soon as possible.

NOTE: Students in online classes may be able to enroll in an optional compressed term beginning Wednesday, October 18th. We will have more information on this initiative and provide updates beginning September 6. Students will be contacted via email if this is an option for their online courses.

What additional resources are available to students who may be struggling?

The Academic Success Center is ready to support students who need extra tutoring support to catch up and succeed in their classes. Academic mentors at the SAM Center are also ready to help students get in touch with their professors and work to find solutions for continuing their coursework. Information about the Academic Success Center and SAM Center can be found at:

Academic Success Center


Academic Support Programs/Mentoring


Students who need additional support may also contact The Counseling Center at 936-294-1720,


September 7 Last Day to Register and to Process Schedule Changes
September 13 Deadline for Fall 2017 Degree Applications
September 15 Twelfth Class Day—Last Day to Drop Without a Q and Receive 100% Refund


Financial Aid 936-294-1774
Registrar’s Office 936-294-1737
Dean of Students 936-294-1785
Residence Life 936-294-1812
Bursar’s Office 936-294-1083


The Mission of the Student Advising and Mentoring Center (SAM Center) at Sam Houston State University is to provide intrusive academic advising and mentoring to all students assisting them in discovering methods to set personal goals, establishing strategies to achieve their objectives, enhancing skills to sharpen academic accomplishments, and providing incentives for realizing educational success.