Timely warnings will be made to the campus when any Clery Act Crime or crime is reported, the crime occurs in our campus area, and is considered by the University to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.

Timely Warning/Emergency Notification Statement

Emergency Notifications will be made through "Katsafe" when there is an immediate or impending threat (that is confirmed) to the health and safety of the University Community.  Examples include outbreaks of serious illness, approaching extreme weather, earth quake, gas leak, terrorist incident, an armed intruder, bomb threat, civil unrest and/or explosion.  Timely notifications will be listed here and on the Katsafe webpage accessible on the SHSU home web page using the Katsafe icon.

Timely Notification

September 14, 2016
Silent Witness Report:  The University Police Department received an anonymous report from the Silent Witness reporting system in reference to a sexual assault that occurred near the SHSU Campus.  Based from the report, the best location that could be determined was the 1400 block of University Avenue.  The anonymous report stated that the victim was jogging when they were grabbed by a black male, who appeared to be young, and was approximately 6' 1" tall.  The anonymous report states that the victim was taken to an abandoned house and assaulted.  There was no time frame for this reported incident.  At this time there is not enough information to establish an ongoing threat to the University community.

September 13, 2016
16-12499, Stolen Vehicle, 8:08 AM: An officer met with a complainant at the University Police Department who reported that their white 2003 Dodge four door pickup truck was stolen from the P48 Parking Lot (2100 block of Avenue I).  The time frame appears to be between 9:30 AM on September 12th and today at 7:30 AM. The vehicle was entered into the stolen files database and an offense report was completed.