Student Money Management Center

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I Owe How Much?

I Owe How Much?

You finally made it to graduation; but, how will you pay back your student loans? Through rebates and other options, it might be possible to reduce the amount you owe. Let the SMMC help you find the best solutions for your financial future.

Game Of Life (Welcome Week)

Come play the life size version of this classic board game by exploring the concept of living within your means. Aspects of the game include evaluating your potential salary and expenses such as housing, utilities, car notes, student loan payments and much more!

It's Not Rocket Science

It’s not rocket science, it’s just your fee statement and refund. We know it’s hard to understand at first. Join the SMMC as we help you understand your individual fee statement and refund!

Studying Abroad on a Budget

Are you ready for adventure? Join the SMMC and the Office of International Programs for a workshop focused on studying abroad. Information regarding expenses will be provided as well as tips and tricks to minimize your costs and get the best deals.

The SHSU Student Money Management Center is a financial outreach and educational program administered by the Sam Houston State University Division of Student Affairs.

The mission of the Student Money Management Center is to empower students to achieve financial independence.

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