The Sam Houston State University Police Department fully complies with the Texas Racial Profiling Law (SB 1074).

One of the requirements of the Law is:

“Each law enforcement agency in this state shall adopt a detailed written policy on racial profiling. This policy must implement a process by which an individual may file a complaint with the agency if the individual believes that a peace officer employed by the agency has engaged in racial profiling with respect to the individual” (CCP Art. 2.132 (b)(3).

It is the policy of the Sam Houston State University Police Department to accept and fully investigate all complaints against the department, or its members, and to obtain a final disposition to those complaints so as to maintain the integrity of the department and secure the support it needs from the community.

Any person wishing to make a complaint may do so by coming to the Sam Houston State University Police Department located at 2424 Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville, Texas 77340 or by visiting the department’s website at
Complaints can be reported 24-hours a day to any department supervisor.

Our goal at the Sam Houston State University Police Department is to deliver the services the community needs and expects in a professional manner. If this expectation is not met, we will take the appropriate action to ensure that the behavior is not repeated. We do not want to fail in our continuing efforts to provide the best possible police service to each of the citizens at Sam Houston State University, the City of Huntsville and Walker County.