Wildlife, Fisheries, and Ecology Managment

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Unit F Lesson Plans

 Bass ID

Catfish ID

Saltwater Fish ID

Texas Wildlife ID

Predator/ Pest ID

Upland Game Birds

Biology/Mgmt 1

Biology/Mgmt 2

Biology/Mgmt 3

Biology/Mgmt 4

 Water Fowl PPT

Water Fowl 2 PPT

Saltwater Fish

Exotic Wildlife PPT

Furbearing Spp. PPT

Furbearing 2 PPT

Upland Game Bird PPT


Unit F Test

Unit F Key

Dove management

Upland Game Birds

Waterfowl Mgmt Video Links

Unit G Lesson Plans

Wild turkey Breeds

Age Wild Turkeys

Food Plots Wild Turkeys

Scoring Wild Turkey

Permits/ Regulations

Fur Bearing Regulations

Exotic Requirements

Exotics in Texas

Deer Breeding Permits

Farm Pond

Feed Analysis

Food Plot Planning

Managing for Age

 Managing to avoid Negative impacts PPT

Deer Biology and adaptations PPT

AWC Flyway Partnerships PPT


Unit G Exam

Unit G Key

Unit H Lesson Plans    Threatenend and Endangered PPT        
 Fishing 50 Min


External and internal parts of a fish PPT

Math Question Set Wildlife Lab.

White Tailed Deer

Deer Feeding 101

Deer Food plots

Deer Supp Feed

Aging WT Deer

Body Condition Scores


Deer Mgmt Permit

White Tail Capture

Deer Feeder

CWD Movement Records

Cattle Mgmt to Enhance habitat

Deer Newsletter 1

Deer Newsletter 2

Deer Newsletter 3

Deer Newsletter 4

Deer Newsletter 5

 Scoring White Tailed Deer PPT

White-tailed Deer Habitat and Nutrition

White Tail antler scoring PPT

Aging White-Tailed Deer PPT

   Feral Hog Regulations          
Wildlife Diseases

Wildlife Disease PPT

Wildlife History PPT

Monogastric Tract
Useful Websites


Useful Websites
Project Wild
Texas Wildlife Association