Unit 10: Livestock Diseases and Parasites

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Lesson Plan

Parasite Host Relationship

and Life Cycles
READ ME FIRST - Parasite Host Relationships

Guide to Common Parasites
CDC Information on Parasite Life Cycles

Parasite Host Relationship and Life Cycles Lifecycle Match-up Parasite Flash Cards

Helpful Teacher Background Info Parasite - Host Relationship
Lifecycle Match-up Key

Fecal Egg

Count Activity

Pond Water Lab
Parasite Activity Book

Lesson Plan Pathogens

- Vaccination

_Infectious Diseases

Health Record Case Studies Pet Health Record

Infectious Disease Spread Activity Teacher

Infectious Disease Spread Activity Student


Pathogen Graphic Organizer
Disease Collaboration Prevention of Disease Glowing Germ investigation

Cost of



Interest Approach Problem Base
Detecting Unhealthy Animals Cost of Animal Health Disease Prediction
Classification of Disease Detecting Unhealthy Animals Fecal Egg Count
Internal/External Parasites Classification of Disease
Poisonous Plants of Colorado Internal/External Parasites
Vaccines and Vaccinations Poisonous Plants of Colorado
Administering Medication Vaccines and Vaccinations
Parturition and Illness Administering Medication
Care of Newborn Parturition and Illness
Zoonotic Diseases Care of Newborn
Mad Cow Disease Zoonotic Diseases
Chronic Wasting Disease Mad Cow Disease
Day 1 Lesson Plan Chronic Wasting Disease
Day 2 Lesson Plan Animal Disease and Parasite Susceptibility
Day 3 Lesson Plan
Day 4 Lesson Plan
Day 5 Lesson Plan
Day 6 Lesson Plan
Day 7 Lesson Plan
Day 8 Lesson Plan
Day 9 Lesson Plan
Day 10 Lesson Plan
Day 11 Lesson Plan
Day 12 Lesson Plan