Dr. Amy Manning Kirk


From the time I was in junior high, I had a fascination with social science. I often wondered why society operates in the ways in which it does. I asked questions like, “How do laws change? Does society affect change or does government?”

As an undergraduate at Texas A&M University, I took Introduction to Sociology, and was hooked. I saw Sociology as a tool that could be used to answer my biggest questions. After my undergraduate work at Texas A&M, I attended Louisiana State University for both my Masters and Ph.D. in Sociology.

While at Louisiana State University, I met and married my husband. (We married in 1999). I have always felt that these personal events in my life drew me to the specialty of Marriage and the Family. What I read and researched at this time was a cornerstone of sorts for my ongoing interests.

To date, my research has been devoted to understanding how commitment is socially constructed in marriage. I am also excited to be teaching Marriage and the Family, and The Sociology of Religion.

Besides teaching and writing, my other passions include spending time with my family, decorating, and running. My newest pursuit is attempting to bake bread from scratch! I currently live in Kingwood, Texas with my husband of 13 years and my three fun, lively and thoughtful children.

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