Ms. Crystal Brown


As a native Texan, I have experienced the lifestyle associated with both Urban and Rural areas. In addition, my family history includes both Jamaican and Creole Ancestry. I began to notice the unique stories of others around me too. I searched for a way to connect them, and sociology provided the perfect medium. Sociology teaches that we all have a unique story, but we are all connected and shaped through patterns and various social phenomena.

As a Sam Houston Bearkat, I received my undergraduate BS in Sociology in 2009.   In the summer of 2012, I was awarded my Master’s degree from Sam Houston State University. I have been a pool faculty member of the Sociology Department for over a year. I teach sections of Introduction to Ethnic Studies. My areas of interest have included Community, Race and Ethnicity, and Applied Sociology. I have an affinity for volunteer organizations that help local communities. I have worked with the City of Huntsville and religious affiliated organizations on non-profit issues. I strongly believe the knowledge gained in in Sociology can be used to improve the world around us.

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