Mass Communication - Public Relations & Advertising Track


Mass Communication - Public Relations & Advertising Track

Today’s marketplace increasingly requires communication practitioners to be more versatile, to understand global media, and to be able to integrate communication methods across once-separate disciplines. Graduates of this track will have command of tools, techniques, and strategies required for entry-level jobs in strategic communication in public relations and advertising. Additionally, graduates will have expertise in using those tools to think critically and creatively to solve communication problems in management-level positions.


In the mass communication program, you will complete a departmental four-course core that provides a foundation for success in a variety of media fields. As a major or minor, you must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in each mass communication course and successfully pass the required departmental competency writing and production tests. 

You will engage in a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom that will prepare you for a career in the mass communication field. You are encouraged to participate in the department’s co-curricular activities and to complete at least one industry-related internship.

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