Office of Health Promotion


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Our Mission

The SHSU Office of Health Promotion is the component of the Student Health Center that proactively educates the SHSU community about health and well-being. At the Office of Health Promotion, we strive to ensure that student wellness doesn’t get in the way of academic success. Furthermore, we believe that you need to “Be Well” in order to “Do Well” during your college years and beyond.

Our Vision

Through our multi-faceted efforts, we envision:

  • A safe, healthy, well, and successful SHSU community that is proactive in taking steps to ensure overall well-being
  • A campus and surrounding community with limited-to-no barriers to health and wellness

Our Guiding Principles

  • Collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and community partners to advance the health of the SHSU community
  • Employ evidence-based and theory-driven strategies to address priority health concerns that are impediments to academic and personal success
  • Utilize a socio-ecological approach to address health education/promotion at various levels

Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education (ACHA, May 2012)

  • “Health is the capacity of individuals and communities to reach their potential…not simply the absence of disease measured through clinical indicators”
  • “At its core, health promotion works to prevent the development of personal and campus population-level problems”
  • “In the higher education setting good health enables student success by creating health supporting environments – both the physical and the social aspects of our surroundings” (WHO 1991)
  • “Collaboration exceeds co-sponsorship of initiatives; it requires health promotion professionals to be community organizers who mobilize a wide range of inter-disciplinary campus and community partners for collective action.”