ePermit Waitlist Registration 2016-2017

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What is the purpose of the waitlist?

Certain parking areas will have a controlled oversell rate for 2016-2017. The most efficient and equitable manner to offer these controlled areas are based on a registration process that prioritizes parking requests. The order of priority is based on the following identifying factors: 1. Executive Level Administrators through Assistant Director Faculty and Staff Members 2. All other Faculty/Staff members based on Date of Hire 3. Resident Students based on Classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman) 4. Graduate Level Students based on Classification 5. Undergraduate Students based on Classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman) NOTE: Each level has a tiebreaker of the date and time a request was made when the conflict of having the same classification or date of hire occurs.

Who needs to register for the ePermit Waitlist?

Any faculty, staff, or student wanting to park in a reserved numbered space within the Sam Houston Parking Garage, Zone 1 East, or Zone 1 West parking areas. Resident students residing in university managed housing may register for eligible resident lot parking area waitlists.

Will I have to register with a waitlist every year?

After this initial purchase year, you will not need to register for a waitlist unless you would like to change your ePermit option or upgrade your ePermit.

What parking areas may I purchase without joining a waitlist?

Zone 2 East, Zone 2 West, Zone 3, Motorcycle, and Mobility ePermits will be available for purchase on Monday, August 1st.

What is the last day to sign up for the waitlist?

The waitlist will be used throughout the academic year for requests of Zone 1, Resident and Sam Houston Parking Garage Reserved Numbered Space ePermits. It is important to sign up for any desired waitlist prior to the August 1st award letter publication.

Is there anything preventing me from registering for a waiting list?

Any outstanding charges on your account will impact your eligibility to register for an ePermit. To pay or satisfy your outstanding charges, please contact the Bursar’s Office or pay online via MySam.

Is there a map available to view what parking is available on campus for 2016-2017?
What permission does each permit have to park on campus during peak hours and non-peak hours?

Please view our Lot Access Table by going to 2016-2017 Lot Access Table

How much will my ePermit cost for 2016-2017?

Please view our Parking Rate Table by going to 2016-2017 Parking Rate Table

Vehicle Registration 2016-2017

Can't find the answer to your question? Call the Parking and Transportation Office during normal operating hours or email parking@shsu.edu. Contact Us

How many vehicles may I register on my account?

Faculty and Staff can register up to 4 vehicles and all students can register up to 2 vehicles. The main premise to remember is only one of those vehicles can be parked on campus at the same time and the vehicles should only be used by the ePermit holder.

I am using a rental vehicle. How do I register the vehicle?

Add the vehicle as a standard vehicle and delete the vehicle once you have completed use of the vehicle. Forgetting to remove the vehicle can link all citations related to that vehicle to your account.

I just bought a new vehicle and have a paper temporary tag. How do I register my vehicle?

Add the vehicle by using the paper temporary tag number as the license plate number. Once you receive your actual license plates, remove the vehicle and add the vehicle again with the new license plate.

I receive a notification to contact Parking and Transportation when I attempt to add a vehicle. What do I do?

Contact our office and have your vehicle registration information available. Most likely, the vehicle has been registered already and is linked to a current account. Remember, only vehicles belonging to you and being used by you should be linked to your account and ePermits.

I want to bring a utility trailer on campus. What do I need to do?

A utility trailer, of any kind, is considered a separate vehicle for purposes of our rules and regulations. Since the trailer will extend into a second parking space or a separate parking space, a ePermit must be purchased if the utility trailer is being parked on campus.

Can I park a recreational vehicle or camper trailer on campus?

Please contact our office as these arrangements are considered on a case by case basis. Using any type of vehicle as a habitation on university property must receive prior approval from our office.