Students, faculty, or staff receiving university parking citations may pay them at the Bursar’s Office in the Estill Building, or online via MySam under the My Account tab.  For more information, go to the Bursar’s Office web site.

Visitors or unaffiliated parties with SHSU who receive a parking citation may pay for a citation using any major credit card by going to

Citation Appeals

If you believe your parking citation was issued in error, you may submit an appeal within 10 calendar days of receiving a citation using the following guidelines either online with your parking account or via e-mail to Your appeal should contain the following information:

  • Subject Line:Appeal of (Insert Citation Number)

  • SAM ID (if applicable)

  • Full Name

  • Permanent Address

  • E-Mail Address

  • Daytime Phone Number

  • Vehicle License Plate Number (include state or territory of registration)

  • University Status (Student, Faculty, Staff, or Visitor)

  • Reason for Appeal

Where to Submit an Appeal

Navigate to the SHSU Parking Portal Citation Appeals:

If you are unable to submit an appeal via the parking portal, you may submit all of the required information by sending an e-mail to

What Happens After an Appeal is Submitted

All parking citation appeals are reviewed by the appeals officer. When Parking and Transportation receives your appeal, the appeals officer will:

  1. Read the appeal and review the information on the citation
  2. Review the Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations that are relevant to the appeal
  3. Review other information, such as area maps or digital photographs of signs in the area
  4. Make a decision on the appeal

The decision of the appeals officer is based on the type of violation, any previous tickets, area signage, existing parking permit, and your reason for appeal.

What the Appeals Officer Can Decide

The appeals officer makes one of the following decisions after review:

  • Reduced means that the amount of the fine is reduced. Payment of the reduced fine is still required.
  • Warning means the appeal was granted. The ticket is reduced to a warning and the fine is waived.
  • Voided means that the ticket issued was not valid.
  • Denied means that your ticket has been upheld. You must pay the fine of the original ticket.

Disagreement With an Appeal

If you do not agree with the decision of the appeals officer, you may make a final appeal to the appeals panel made up of faculty, staff, and students.

To appeal at this level, you must:

  1. Pay the fine. This becomes bond until the appeals panel makes a decision.
  2. Resubmit the appeal by sending an e-mail to or in person at the  within 5 calendar days of the appeals officer's decision, including all of the required information.

The appeals panel may reduce the fine, excuse the fine, or uphold the original decision.  You have the option of meeting with the Appeals Panel in person or we will submit your prior appeal and information on your behalf.