Master of Business Administration

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AACSB Accredited

The Master of Business Administration program at Sam Houston State University is designed to develop candidates for positions of leadership in modern organizations. Managerial procedures and practices are continually changing. Therefore, the program emphasizes the integration and synthesis of various disciplines to develop a student’s ability to function in a dynamic environment and make sound administrative decisions that maximize the value and contributions of an organization. The M.B.A. program is suited for qualified students from any academic discipline. The program provides the candidate with a basic managerial background through the core requirements while providing individualized adaptation through elective courses. 

Students accepted into the MBA program may elect to take all or any portion of the program online or face-to-face courses at The Woodlands Center (most courses at TWC are offered in the evenings).  The MBA requires 36 graduate hours including 27 hours of core courses and 9 hours of electives.  There is no difference in the number of hours required based on the delivery method chosen.

Core and elective courses are available to complete our MBA program entirely online; however, not all electives are available at this time.  Additionally, graduate-level accounting courses are not available online at this time.  Please see current schedule of classes for the course offerings.

The MBA program may be completed in as few as four semesters; however, it is not recommended that students who are working attempt more than six hours in a semester.  A more realistic timeline would be approximately two years.

Admission Process Requirements

  1. Complete the online graduate application form.
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Submit Official transcript(s) from all previous college work (except SHSU graduates).
  4. Submit an official GMAT score.
  5. Submit a current resume (emailed to

International students must submit all of the above information plus:

  1. Official TOEFL score of at least 79 (or IELTS score of at least 6.5).
  2. English translations and evaluation of official transcripts.

Graduate Application Deadlines

U.S. Citizens

Fall - August 1
Spring - December 1
Summer - May 15

International Students

Fall - June 25
Spring - November 12
Summer - April 9

Admission Criteria

  • Degree from a U.S. university
    • Meet or exceed one of the following admission formulas:
      • 200 (Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT Score > 1100*
      • 200 (Advanced Hours Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT Score > 1150**
  • Degree from a non- U.S. university
    • Students who earned a baccalaureate degree from a university located outside of the United States must satisfy all of the following to be considered for admission into SHSU’s MBA program.
      • GMAT score of at least 500.
      • TOEFL score of at least 79 or IELTS score of at least 6.5.
      • English translations and evaluation of official transcripts.
  • GMAT Waiver Requests
    • Undergraduate GPA* of 3.5 or higher allows for a comprehensive review of academic performance and consideration for a GMAT waiver.
    • Applicants who have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 from their degree granting U.S. institution and have at least three years of significant managerial and professional experience may be admitted without a GMAT score, typically through a review of the applicant's resume. Normally, the required experience is earned after completion of the undergraduate degree. A committee will assist, if needed, in determining if the applicant's experience meets the "significant managerial and professional experience" threshold.
    •  Applicants who have an undergraduate degree granted by a non-U.S. institution will not be considered for a GMAT waiver.

*The undergraduate GPA is the GPA from courses taken at the degree granting institution. Transfer grades are not used in the computation of this undergraduate GPA.

**The advanced hours undergraduate GPA is the GPA from junior and senior (3000 and 4000) level courses taken at the degree granting institution. Transfer grades are not used in the computation of this undergraduate GPA.

Stem Requirements for Non-Business and Non-Accounting Graduates

The stem classes serve as prerequisites for the graduate business courses and are required for students who did not take the equivalent courses as part of their baccalaureate program or for students with a baccalaureate degree from a non-U.S. university. The graduate stem courses (5300s) do not apply to the 36-hour graduate credit hour requirement of the MBA degree.

Stem Course Requirements
ACCT 5300 Analysis of Accounting Information 3 hours
BANA 5300 Quantitative Tools for Business 3 hours
ECON 5300 Economic Principles and Policy 3 hours
FINC 5300 Business Finance Environment 3 hours
MGMT 5300 Foundations of Strategic Management 3 hours

Degree Plan




Hours Required


Specified Courses

ACCT 5304 Accounting for Management
BUAD 5310 Managerial Communication
BANA 5368 Techniques of Statistical Analysis
MKTG 5330 Marketing Management
FINC 5310 Managerial Finance

MGMT 5345 Seminar in Team Leadership
MGMT 5390 Seminar in Strategic Management and Policy
(This is a capstone course. A grade of "B" or better is required for graduation)

MGMT 5315 Seminar in Operations Management



ECON Elective

Choose one from:
ECON 5XXX (any 5000 level ECON course, excluding ECON 5380 and ECON 5300)



COBA Electives

Choose three from:

General Electives (may choose three from: All graduate courses in the College of Business Administration - Excluding ACCT 5300, BANA 5300, ECON 5300, MGMT 5300 and FINC 5300)




For more information or advisement, contact the COBA Office of Graduate Studies:

Rick Thaler
Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Distance Learning
Tel: (936) 294-1239
Fax: (936) 294-3612
E -mail:
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 2056, Huntsville, TX 77341-2056