Campus Life Development Fund

Objective and General Information

Campus Life Development Funds (CLDF) funds exist with the objective of enriching campus life through fostering the development of additional programs that enable students to better connect with the campus and become more deeply engaged in the total educational experience. CLDF is intended for on campus and Huntsville area events ONLY. The Student Affairs Fee (SAF) Committee annually establishes program priorities for funding, and these priorities will change to meet the evolving needs of the campus.

The CLDF committee will consider funding requests from new student organizations that emerge within the academic year seeking to provide new activities for the campus. All groups requesting money for the first time are limited to requesting *seed money (up to $500), and are required to present before the committee.

Proposals will be presented to the SAF Committee for funding consideration in the current year, and will be presented to the SAF Committee for funding consideration. The committee will meet monthly during the fall and spring semesters to consider funding requests. Funding will be for one year with no guarantee of continued support. The intent is to use these funds for program support only. The funds may not be used for scholarships, stipends, or funding permanent positions.

What priorities are considered for disbursement?

  1. Programs/events that encourage students to remain on campus for weekend activities.
  2. Programs/events that encourage students to become involved in volunteer services.
  3. Programs/events that foster campus pride and spirit.
  4. Programs that encourage students to become involved in learning communities.
  5. Seed money (is intended for startup organizations requesting money for the first time. Seed money

   recipients are limited to receiving $500 and must present before the committee).

Commonly Asked Questions:

Who can apply for CLDF?

All *registered student organizations are eligible to apply for funding (*refers to student organizations registered through Student Activities.)

What is the process?

Registered student organizations interested in receiving funds must submit an online CLDF Fund Request form as well as a signed and dated Advisor Verification/Authorization Form.

An email confirmation will be sent indicating receipt of your request, and a reminder if you will need to present to the committee.

The committee will review up to 10 formal presentations of proposals per month. Any requests beyond the first 10 will be reviewed the following month. The requests will be considered in the order in which they are received. Submission requests to “hold a spot” with intentions to make revisions, are not permitted. All initial requests are final and cannot be revised. The SAF Committee will meet monthly during the long semesters to review organizational requests for student affairs fee monies.

The Committee will meet on the 2nd Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. to review proposals. All proposals are due 12 days prior to the Friday when the committee meets, as per the CLDF Meeting Schedule. These dates are subject to change from either the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the month, pending Commencement.

How will I/we be notified?

Funding decisions are made immediately. Groups required to present to the committee will be notified shortly after their presentation. Groups not required to present will be notified the following Monday.

What groups are required to make a formal presentation to the committee?

—Groups requesting $999.00 or less will not be required to make a formal presentation, and will not be counted in the 10 formal presentations to be heard monthly.

—Groups requesting $1,000 or more will be required to provide a 3-4 minute presentation of their request to the committee, and will be included in the 10 formal presentations.

*seed money – is intended for first time presenters. The purpose of seed money is to assist an organization as it grows, and is limited to $500.

After you have been awarded CLDF funds, certain restrictions will apply in regards to purchases. Please read carefully before considering or finalizing any purchases.

  1. CLDF funds CANNOT be allocated for off campus travel. This includes but is not limited to: hotels, registrations fees, transportation, etc. Groups may request Student Affairs Travel Funds for this purpose.
  2. T-shirts - subsidies should not exceed $7.00 per shirt. T-shirts must dominate in the following colors: orange, white, black, navy, or royal blue. SHSU colors (orange and white) must appear on the shirt. Accent colors may ONLY be used as secondary colors. Any artwork on the t-shirt must be orange or white and must be approved by the Campus Life Development Fund Office prior to printing. T-shirt must contain either the SH box logo or have "Sam Houston State University" on the T-shirt.
  3. Publications - must be approved by the Campus Life Development Fund Office before it goes to print. This is to include flyers, banners, s igns, t-shirts, etc.
  4. Sponsors: If sponsors are to be incorporated in the publication/apparel then the Campus Life Development Fund must also be included. Logo will be provided upon request.
  5. Gift cards may NOT be purchased with CLDF funds.
  6. Security: All security requirements for events must be coordinated through SHSU University Police.

All proposals may be sent via Campus or U.S. Mail:

For more information on submissions, please call the Office of Leadership Initiatives
(936) 294- 3000.
For questions regarding purchases, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

(936) 294-1784.