About Us


We will be a premier Student Affairs program by fostering an inclusive campus culture for student learning, leading, and developing.


We are dedicated professionals who engage students by providing innovative programs, facilities and services that help students grow, develop a sense of belonging and enhance the quality of their lives.


DEVELOPMENT Creating programs and services that encourage the personal growth and well-being of students.
BELONGING Fostering a sense of community that is engaging, respectful, and inclusive.
BUILDING Evaluating, updating and constructing facilities that support campus growth and divisional needs.
SUPPORTING Preparing students for success with learning opportunities that improve life skills, retention, and graduation.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Advancing the professional staff's training to better serve the SHSU community and to enhance the Division's influence in the profession.


SHSU'S Division of Student Affairs is committed to serving students and guiding our practice based on these values: Tradition, Diversity, Student Development, Wellness, and Servant Leadership. Click here to see a more descriptive diagram or click on download for a complete pamphlet of the Division of Student Affairs Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.


Enhancing Learning for Student Success