Faculty Research Interests

Faculty and Staff

Tenure Track and Tenured Faculty

Dr. Benny E. Arney (email) - Computational, Mechanistic, and Electroorganic Chemistry

Dr. Dustin E. Gross (email) - Organic, Supramolecular, and Macromolecular Chemistry

Dr. Donovan C. Haines (email) - Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry of Lipids, Enzymes, and Drug Metabolism

Dr. Christopher Hobbs (email) – Polymer Chemistry

Dr. Rick E. Norman (chair) (email) - Bioinorganic and Transition Metal Chemistry  

Dr. Ilona Petrikovics (email) - Chemical Defense, Nanotechnology, and Enzymes in Drug Antagonism

Dr. David E. Thompson (email) - Surface Enhanced Raman and Nonlinear Spectroscopies, Environmental Nanosensing

Dr. Tarek Trad (email) – Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology

Dr. Adrian Villalta-Cerdas (email) - Chemical Education: Research and Practice

Dr. Rick C. White (email) - Organic Chemistry

Dr. Darren L. Williams (email) - Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy

Dr. Christopher Zall (email) - Inorganic Chemistry

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Staff

Rachell Haines (email) - Departmental Secretary

Hemantha (Kuma) Siyambalagoda (email) - Laboratory Coordinator

Dr. Rukma Basnayake (email) - Chemistry Inventory and Safety Coordinator

Dr. Timea Fernandez (email) - Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Sam Perkins (email) - Instructor

Dr. Melanie Rose (email) - Instructor

Recently Retired Faculty

Dr. Paul A. Loeffler - Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Thomas G. Chasteen - Analytical, Bioanalytical, and Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Mary Lynn DeShazo - Professor Emerita

Research Interests

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