Meetings using Skype for Business

Starting an On Campus Group Conversation (Meeting)

This option is for use with SHSU participants only. This option will not work for video conferencing with individuals who are off campus

  1. On the menu bar at the top of your Skype for Business window, click the Meet Now (If you do not see the menu bar, press the Alt key on your keyboard or select the setting’s tool on the right side and choose Show Menu Bar.)


  1. For your meeting options, if a webcam will be used, select the Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience) If a webcam will not be used, select Don’t join audio and audio information can be received through another means


If the option to Call me at: is selected, the office number is displayed. If multiple people are going to be on the call, multiple people would be unable to call that number at one time and speak in a conference call environment.

  1. Click OK


At this point, a group conversation has been started. In the next section, others will be invited to the discussion

Adding Participants (Within Skype for Business) to a Group Conversation

  1. On the Group Conversation window, select the People Options icon. (This icon is at the upper right portion of the window)


  1. Skype for Business will populate the list with the most frequented contacts which will allow and easy option for choosing members for the conversation. However, searching for a contact by typing their name in the search bar is also optionalAddParticipants2 
  2. Once you find the person you wish to add to the conversation, click OK
  3. The conversation screen will be displayed and an invitation will be sent to that person via Skype for Business.

To view participants in the conversation, select the People Options icon in the top left of the conversation box and the participants will be displayed in the upper portion of the conversation box.


  1. While the invitation is waiting to be accepted, there will be a circular waiting icon on the right of the name under Attendees
  2. Once the invitation is accepted, the name is moved to the Participant section
  3. Repeat this process for as many participants as needed. 

To view the audio/call-in information for the call, click on the 3 dots () in the lower right corner of the conversation window and choose Meeting Entry Info.  A box should then appear with the phone number, conference ID and meeting link.


Joining a Group Conversation On Campus

If an invite is sent to join an online meeting already in progress via Skype for Business, follow these steps to join the conversation.

  1. A notification will appear in the bottom right of the screen
  2. Click the notification to be brought into a chat with the requestor.


Read the audio options carefully to choose the correct option. If the computer does not have a microphone, the phone will need to be used. Keep in mind, if the phone is used, that participant will be unable to see a webcam that may be used.

Adding Participants (Via Outlook) to a Conversation

Outlook can also be used to schedule Skype for Business meetings and invite attendees.

  1. With Outlook open, navigate to the Calendar
  2. From the Home tab, select New Skype Meeting
  3. An e-mail message will be generated with the meeting information.
  4. Include the recipients
  5. Click Send



By following the link, the recipients will be able to join the conversation even if they do not have Skype for Business on their machine.

Joining a Conversation Off Campus

In the event a user is off campus and needs to join an online meeting, whether an employee or non-SHSU personal, Skype for Business provides that option.

  1. When the user receives the email with the meeting information, click Join Skype Meeting


  1. A Lync Web App screen will appear to enter a name and provide the option to Join the Meeting or Sign in if you are from the Organizer’s Company. Enter a name and choose Join the meeting.


  1. Depending on how the meeting is set up, the user may be placed into a Virtual Lobby until the meeting planner admits everyone, the user will join the meeting in progress.

By default, in Skype for Business, users that are not a part of the University will automatically be placed in the Virtual Lobby. Those options can be changed using Meeting Options from the Meeting tab.


  1. Once the host admits everyone, the user will be added to the meeting. The options that are available to an on campus user and also available to an off campus user such as messaging, microphone, presentation, and video.


Adding Off Campus Participant to Meeting

As mentioned earlier, Skype for Business places off campus users into a Virtual Lobby when connecting to a meeting. The host must admit the users to the meeting. Once the host joins the meeting, a message will be displayed indicating people are waiting in the lobby. The host can Admit or See Lobby and make the decision necessary.


Off campus attendees and attendees not with the University will be listed at Attendees in the Participants list by default. Those options can be changed in the Skype Meeting Options.

End Meeting

To end a meeting, click the 3 dots () on the lower right side of the conversation and select End Meeting.