Thinking Forward

No matter how unsure you feel taking that first step toward college, every single one after that will be a little easier. It also helps if you have a plan to follow during your senior year in high school.  Transfer students also have special procedures.

Thinking Forward FALL of your SENIOR YEAR or TRANSFER YEAR

  1. Steps to apply for admission as a freshman.
  2. Steps to apply for admission as a transfer student.

Thinking Forward in the SPRING

  1. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Be sure to send it well in advance of the FAFSA deadline (March 31st).
  2. Visit the SHSU Paying FORWARD page for additional financial aid guidance.
  3. Visit us during our college preview day “Saturday@Sam”.

Thinking Forward once you are accepted to SHSU

  1. Visit the Accepted Students page and follow the instructions.  
  2. Make sure to research the Paying Forward webpage to look for additional financial aid you may qualify for.