New Student Convocation

SHSU New Student Convocation on Sunday August 23, 2015


Sunday, August 23
4:00 – Coliseum seating opens (please be seated by 4:30)
4:45 – Athletics Presentation & Prize Giveaway
5:00 – Convocation Ceremony (with Commemorative Pin Ceremony)


Students and guests, please arrive through main entrance gates 20-25 at the Johnson Coliseum in time to be seated by 4:30 pm. Please bring your Bearkat OneCard. This event is free for you and your guests.

Fall 2015 New Student Convocation 

You and your family are invited to join President Hoyt and the university community for a ceremony commemorating the beginning of your academic journey. New Student Convocation serves as the ceremonial start for our new students, just as Commencement serves as the ceremonial finish.


All new students are expected to attend New Student Convocation*. This ceremony is held in your honor in the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum. This is the same place as your graduation ceremony will be held in just a few short years.

Please arrive through Gates 20 through 28 between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm for floor/lower rising student section seating. Attire is business casual. Please bring your Bearkat OneCard.

Dr. Dana Hoyt

Dana G. Hoyt, President


Families are invited and encouraged to attend New Student Convocation to witness their students’ entry into the Sam Houston State University academic community of engaged scholars. New students will have the honor of sitting together on the floor and lower risers of the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum to provide a sense of class strength and unity. Seating is available for families and friends in designated sections separate from new student seating but providing a great view of the students and the ceremony. Signs and ushers in the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum will provide directions to new students and their families. Attire is casual for family and friends.

The Program

The program communicates to students their roles both as people who learn from others and as people who contribute to the vitality of the University. The Convocation also communicates the role of faculty members as scholars, teachers, and fellow members of this community. A keynote address will be given by President Hoyt and by a selected undergraduate student. With all of the new students assembled in one place, the students will gain a sense of the size, strength, and identity of their class and provide them with an important connection to one another and to the University. Students will receive a special gift. For questions, please call the First-Year Experience office at (936) 294-3422.

*The University realizes that for a few students there will be extenuating circumstances and attendance will not be possible. If this is the case, please notify us via email at so we can arrange for you to receive your Convocation gift.