First-Year Learning Communities


The first year of your college experience is an exciting time in your life. It's the stepping-stone for everything that happens next. But there is also a lot to take in: learning the ins and outs of college life, making new friends, navigating the classroom and thinking about the future. Let's face it; it's intimidating.

First-Year Learning Communities at Sam Houston State University are designed to help students successfully transition into their first-year at college, not only helping them stay in school but giving them a good foundation for their remaining college years. 

How Do They Work? 

First-Year Learning Communities (FLC) bring students together based on common academic or general interests or those interested in a living-learning community. Students attend the same core classes, supporting each other in the classroom through study groups and socially outside the classroom.  

Why Should A First-Year Student Join a Learning Community?

  • Make friends quickly;
  • Establish convenient study groups;
  • Increase the chances of having the best GPA possible;
  • Build a strong academic and social support network.

Specialty UNIV 1301 Sections

The priority deadline to apply to a First-Year Learning Community is May 15, but applications will be accepted until July 1.