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What is Group Counseling?

Group Counseling can be a very helpful and powerful tool in addressing student concerns. A group can offer an environment where students can increase self-understanding, enhance personal relationships and try out new behaviors while receiving feedback and support from peers experiencing similar concerns. Groups generally consist of 4-10 members and meet on a weekly basis. An appointment with the group facilitator is necessary before becoming a member of any counseling group. To schedule group counseling, come by or call the Counseling Center.

Specific group topics and types of groups vary each semester. Below is a list of groups that were offered during the previous semester, but other group topics that may be offered in the future, include LGBT support, healthy relationships, social confidence and many other helpful topics. Visit this page again, call us, or stop by the Counseling Center at the start of each semester to learn more about the groups that will be offered each semester.

Spring 2016 Groups:


Lost your temper and wish you wouldn’t have said/did that? Learn how to  take control of your anger before it takes control of you! Join this 8-week class for improving conflict resolution and communication skills in a way that will benefit both you and the people around you. Explore what fuels your anger and how to put out that fire before you get burned? Already charred and in trouble? No problem! Completion of the 8 classes will result in a Certificate of Completion that is accepted by the courts (Available to SHSU students only).

Day & Time:  Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  February 9th

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This group is designed to help people change patterns of behavior, emotions and thoughts that are negatively impacting relationships, academic/work performance and daily functioning. This approach works towards helping people increase their positive coping skills by learning about the triggers that lead to their reactions and by helping them decide which skills to use for daily stressors. The group is intended to be highly structured and will consist primarily of psychoeducation with brief opportunities for mindfulness and self-reflection. Homework will be assigned weekly, which will highlight and expand upon the lesson of the week. All clients participating in DBT group must engage in individual therapy for the duration of the group. Treatment frequency for individual sessions may be prescribed at the discretion of the client’s primary therapist. 

Day & Time:  Tuesdays 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  January 26th

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This group will offer a non-judgmental space to discuss general topics that men face, as well as the difficulties and aspirations members have faced. We will provide a supportive space for men to share their experiences while receiving support and feedback from other group members. The focus is to encourage individual expression & stories.

Day & Time:  Tuesdays 3:00 - 4:30 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  January 26th

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Looking for an opportunity to share and discuss your unique experiences and challenges as a member of the LGBTQIA community in a safe and welcoming environment?  The mission of the LGBT Support Group is to create a safe place for peers to come together and provide support and feedback to others who may share similar  experiences. The group topics and discussions are decided by its members with input from facilitators, making it truly a one of a kind, collaborative experience. New members are welcome throughout the semester. Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule a pre-group screening today!

Day & Time:  Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Start Date:  January 20th (Open Membership)

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Need to learn better ways to manage your stress? The goal of this group is to introduce mindfulness techniques that you can apply to your everyday life. Mindfulness is a practice that will help bring your awareness to the present moment. This group will teach mindfulness techniques that will help you to manage stress, cope with anxiety, and improve your overall emotional and physical well-being. If you want to practice self-care and learn healthy relaxation techniques, then this is the group for you!

Day & Time:  Thursdays 3:30 - 4:45 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  March 24th

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Sexual assault is a serious crime that can impact a survivor's physical, mental, social, and academic well-being. This is a group for students who are sexual assault survivors. Group members will be able to share their experiences and feelings in an understanding and accepting environment. Goals of the group are to help members express feelings, reduce guilt and self-blame, develop positive coping strategies, strengthen self-esteem, and increase members’ sense of empowerment. This group will meet weekly during the fall semester and pre-screening is required.

Day & Time:  Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:00 PM

This group is currently closed. Please call for additional resources.

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Interested in sharing your experience as an African-American woman? This group is tailored to address the needs and issues salient to African American/Black women in the college environment. This group setting is designed to provide information and encourage supportive dialogue among African American female students. Participants will receive information about options for coping and have an opportunity to discuss their shared experiences as African American women as they seek to obtain educational success while maintaining good emotional health.

Day & Time:  Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:30 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  January 27th

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A 5-week group experience, for international students, that intends to offer a chance for students to get socially established, adjusted, and connected through sharing their experiences of coming to SHSU. Through exchanging experiences and participating in activities, we will be able to learn more about ourselves and the other people we share our campus with. The hope is that by providing international students with a safe environment to explore social connectedness that students will develop skills that allow them to safely pursue interactions and events at SHSU, and in USA life in general.

Day & Time: TBD

Anticipated Start Date:  TBD

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Open to all SHSU students who either: want to educate themselves on suicide prevention (risk factors & warning signs), have lost a friend or family member to suicide, have attempted in the past, or have had past suicidal thoughts. If you are currently feeling suicidal we highly recommend that you use the crisis walk-in services at the counseling center.

Day & Time: Thursdays 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Anticipated Start Date:  February 4th

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This group is designed to serve as a safe and supportive “social laboratory” within which students can work toward practicing honest and direct communication and exploration of interpersonal dynamics. The group will provide students with a place to take risks and try out new behaviors, such as being assertive or expressing difficult feelings. Group members will share, learn, and improve together with their fellow students in a small group setting.

Group A

Day & Time: Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Anticipated Start Date: January 26th

Group B

Day & Time: TBD

Anticipated Start Date: TBD

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Groups generally consist of 4-10 members and meet on a weekly basis. If you are interested in attending or learning more about any of our groups, please stop by the counseling center or call us at 936.296.1720. An appointment with the group facilitator is necessary before becoming a member of any group. All groups are led by professional counselors who will lead the group and ensure confidential and safe atmosphere is achieved.

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