Ryan K. Zapalac

Ryan K. Zapalac

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology



HKC 213

Curriculum Vitae


I have been at Sam Houston State University since 2006. I teach courses related to sport management, sport administration, and sport psychology.

My primary areas of research are in sport fan behaviors, sport consumer behaviors, sport marketing, psychological burnout, and Reversal Theory applications. As one of the primary faculty members in the graduate Sport Management program, I also serve as the Sport Management Internship Coordinator. Our focus is to provide our students with the education, experience, and networking to be successful executives in the sport industry.

Our students have interned at a wide variety of sport organizations including BBVA Compass Stadium, FC Dallas, the Frisco Rough riders, the Houston Aeros, the Houston Astros, the Houston Dynamo, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Texans, Lone Star Sports and Entertainment, SMG at NRG Park, the SHSU Athletic Department, the SHSU Recreational Sports Department, the Texas A&M-Commerce Athletic Department, the University of Texas-El Paso Athletic Department, and the Greater Houston YMCA.


    • Ph.D. in Kinesiology, University of Houston, 2004
    • M.Ed. in Physical Education – Sport and Fitness Administration, University of Houston, 2001
    • B.S. in Kinesiology, University of Houston, 1998

Selected Publications

  • Wann, D. L., Zapalac, R. K., Grieve, F. G., Partridge, J. A., & Lanter, J. R. (2015). An examination of sport fans’ perceptions of the impact of the legalization of sport wagering on their fan experience. UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, 19(2), 21-40.
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  • Wann, D. L., Grieve, F. G., End, C., Zapalac, R. K., Lanter, J. R., Pease, D. G., Fellows, B., Oliver, K., & Wallace, A. (2013). Examining the superstitions of sport fans: Types of superstitions, perceptions of impact, and relationship with team identification. Athletic Insight, 5(1), 21-44.
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  • Whisenant, W., Vincent, J., Pedersen, P., & Zapalac, R.K. (2007). Examining diversity in high school hiring practices: An analysis of homologous reproduction in interscholastic athletics. Advancing Women in Leadership Online Journal, 25(2). Retrievable from: http://www.advancingwomen.com/awl/summer2007/index.htm

Professional Experience

  • Acting Chair, Dept. of Kinesiology, September 2014 – August 2015
  • Assistant Chair, Dept. of Health and Kinesiology, August 2011 – August 2014
  • Sport Management Internship Coordinator, August 2008 - present
  • Editorial Board, Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (TAHPERD) Journal, October 2014 – present
  • Editorial Board Member, Global Sports Business Journal, December 2013 – present
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research (formerly Graduate Research Journal), October 2011 – November 2013.
  • Marketing/Consumer Behavior Section Head for the Annual Conference of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), 2011 – 2012.
  • Reviewer for the Annual Conference of the Sport Marketing Association (SMA), 2011-2014.

Professional Memberships

  • North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM)
  • Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHARE)
  • Sport Marketing Association (SMA)
  • Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (TAHPERD)