Arts and Culture Training in Lebanon

Lebanese Art

Coverage of arts and culture in a society is vitally important. Reporters who cover the beat are usually among the first to identify unrest, government repression and the will of the people.

Solid coverage of this sector can also help a country's economic growth. Planning experts say the recognition of a community's arts and culture assets can attract a strong workforce, successful firms and help sustain a positive quality of life.

But too often, reporting on arts and culture is focused on celebrity gossip, or movie and theatre reviews. While both have their place in popular culture, journalists are not critics and rumors can never compete with fact based reporting.

GCJD will join the Samir Kassir Foundation to work with journalists from the Levant to help them understand the important role they play when covering the arts and culture beat. Experts from around the globe will share their insights, experience and best practices.

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