More About Kelli Arena

As the first recipient of the Dan Rather Chair of Journalism, Arena was hired to bring national attention to SHSU's journalism department. During her tenure, Arena has developed journalism courses and workshops, created a GCJD speaker series, and has overseen SHSU's student-run news program Channel 7 News.

Career highlights include:

Ten years covering Department of Justice, National Security, the Supreme Court, Federal Law Enforcement, and Intelligence related news on behalf of CNN. She was one of the first reporters to cover terrorism hearings in Guantanamo Bay.

Seven years as a CNN business reporter and anchor stationed in London, New York, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. Called upon for daily analysis on global economies, financial markets, economic policy, consumer and corporate developments. Anchored financial news updates and programs for CNN, HLN, and CNN International.

Served as the Director of Business News Operation for CNN worldwide. Overseeing a global staff of 100+, set editorial direction for CNN's financial news coverage.

CEO, RKC Solutions-- a full-service communications firm based in the Washington, D.C. area.
Special projects: aided in the launch of NewsCertified Exchange, created leadership conferences for the International Women's Forum, and communications and leadership training in the Middle East and North Africa for the National Democratic Institute.

Awards and Honors

2009 Peabody: Presidential Campaign Coverage
2005 Peabody: Hurricane Katrina
2003 Emmy nomination: CNN ”Live From” Terrorism Al-Qaeda documents
2002 New York Festivals: Best Correspondent
2002 Emmy: 9-11 Coverage
2002 Atlantic City Press Club Headliner Award: CNN coverage of the September 11th Attacks
1992 Cable Ace Nomination: Michael Milken goes to Jail
1989-1992 TJFR top financial journalists under 30 (4 consecutive years)
1987 New York Festival: Stock Market Crash
1987 Cable Ace: Stock Market Crash
1987 Peabody: Stock Market Crash
1987 Houston Film Festival: Stock Market Crash