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About the Center

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy is dedicated to promoting integrity and the sustainability of good journalism.

We are working hard to show up at just the right time, in just the right places to help journalists succeed and to help the organizations, institutions and corporations they cover understand how to better deal with the media.

Our goal is to increase transparency so that the public is better informed.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold: GCJD trains professional journalists; works to create healthier relationships between the press and the entities it covers, and raises awareness of complex issues.


Professional Journalist Training Programs

Our training programs focus on specific issues and are custom tailored to help journalists meet new challenges. Our teams include professional journalists, academics, industry experts and innovators. We are committed to providing assistance with measurable results to journalists who are passionate about educating themselves to better educate society. We also provide a rich offering of online resources and mentoring programs.

Additionally, GCJD stands ready to work with journalists facing unique challenges including gender bias, reporting in dangerous situations, and balancing activist and journalist roles.


Building Healthy Relationships

GCJD develops custom programs for organizations, activists and corporations that are looking to increase transparency and enhance relationships with the press.  Too often, flawed narratives dominate news coverage. Instead of disengaging, we encourage professionals to work with the media with an aim toward providing accurate and relevant information to the public.


Raising Awareness and Educating our Next Generation of Thought Leaders

Through various initiatives, GCJD ignites dialogue to raise awareness of complex social issues. Instead of accepting the status quo, GCJD believes honest and open discussion can spur positive change on a local and global level.

GCJD provides opportunities for SHSU students and faculty to travel overseas for professional training. We also present students with workshop, internship and mentorship opportunities. GCJD is committed to bringing international journalists and other experts to SHSU Huntsville to share their experiences in hopes of not only educating, but inspiring young minds.

Global Center for Journalism and Democracy
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