Criminal Justice Living-Learning

Criminal Justice Living Learning Community

Quick Facts

  • Students in a learning community attend two to three classes together each semester;
  • This is a residential learning community; students in this program are grouped in the same residence hall;
  • For more information, visit our FAQs page.

Criminal Justice Living-Learning Community is designed for first year students who are committed criminal justice majors. As members of this community, they have the option to participate in educational, social and community service programs that will help them feel at home at SHSU and introduce them to opportunities in the criminal justice field.

Living in the CJLLC

Students in this learning community reside in Houston House, a coed residence hall that can accommodate 36 students and in Ann Shaver House, a coed residence hall that can accommodate 30 students.

Applying to the CJLLC

What are the requirements for admission the CJLLC?

In order to participate in the CJLLC program, students must be accepted to SHSU, have a completed Housing Application and $200 housing deposit on file, and fill out a separate CJLLC application. In addition to the application, students must attach an essay.  Finally, students must be able to take all of the classes on the learning community schedule for both semesters.

What are the specifics of the essay?

The essay must be at least one full, typed page and should respond to the following prompt: The CJLLC is an opportunity for students who are committed to personal and academic success in college. Please explain 1) why you want to participate in this program, 2) how you would bring a unique perspective, background, or set of experiences to the CJLLC, and 3) what your current strategies for academic success are. 

How do I apply to the CJLLC?

Applications may be picked up at a Saturdays @ Sam! Session, at New Student Orientation, and at various offices on-campus. You can apply online using the "Apply Now" link above.

2018-2019 Courses

  • Fall Courses
  • CRIJ 2361.05 (CRN 81579): Intro to Criminal Justice Systems
  • POLS 2306.91 (CRN 83884): Texas Government
  • UNIV 1301.91 (CRN 83200): Intro to Collegiate Studies
  • Spring Courses
  • CRIJ 2362: Criminology
  • CRIJ 3350: Victimology