Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just take one or two classes and still be in the learning community?

To be in a learning community, you must take the number of classes that is specified on that learning community schedule.

I'm in the PGA Program. Does that conflict with the Business FLC?

We try to make sure that the Business FLC schedule does not conflict with any of the courses in the PGA Program.

I'm in Military Science. Can I be in Criminal Justice FLC?

As long as you a Criminal Justice major, this learning community is open to you.

I don't need a course that the learning community I want to join requires. Can I skip taking that class?

If you already have credit for a class on a learning community schedule, consider joining a learning community that has a more flexible schedule like the Bearkat Learning Community and Advance.

Why is GEOG 1436 required for the Education cohort?

GEOG 1436 is a part of the Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan for education majors.

I'm in a visual or performing arts program, but I want to be in  a learning. Will that work?

Because of the time commitment and required classes for these programs, the Bearkat Learning Community is the best option for you. However, you should talk to an advisor in the program to make sure that the cohort schedule won't conflict with any of the classes you need for your major.

What if I get in a learning community and change my major next semester? Can I get out of the learning community next semester?

If you aren't sure about your major or think you might switch, it's better for you to be in one of the General Interest learning communities. This way, even if you do change your major, the cohort schedule will still have classes that you need to take.

Can I take any section of a class on the learning community schedule?

No, you must take the learning community section of the learning community courses. You can get this information by reviewing our website or calling our office.

After I am accepted to the program, how long do I have to make a final decision and add the classes?

Unless you have a situation that you've discussed with the staff in the Office of the First-Year Experience, you have a week from the day you were advised to register for the learning community classes. After a week, your application will be removed from the list.

Still have more questions?

Contact Program Coordinator Candice Wilson at emailing or by phone 936.294-2231.