Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to be in a learning community?

No, this program is free.

Will my TSI status affect my ability to be in a learning community?

Your TSI status will affect the classes that you can take, so there is a possibility that it will also affect your ability to be in a specific learning community. We strongly recommend that, if you are not TSI Exempt, you complete the TSI no later than June 1 so that we can help you select the best learning community option for you.

Can I just take one or two classes and still be in the learning community?

To be in a learning community, you must take the number of classes that is specified on that learning community schedule.

I don't need a course that the learning community I want to join requires. Can I skip taking that class?

All of the courses on a specific learning community schedule, fall and spring, are required.

What if I already have a schedule? Can I still be in a learning community?

Yes! And, if being in a learning community means that you'll have to change your schedule to accommodate the learning community classes, the staff in the FYE Office are happy to assist you in creating the best class schedule for you.

I'm in Military Science. Can I be in Criminal Justice LLC?

As long as you a Criminal Justice major, this learning community is open to you.

I'm a visual or performing arts major, but I want to be in a learning community. Will that work?

There are always a few visual and performing arts majors in the Bearkat Learning Community.  However, because of the time commitment, required classes and importance of building community within these academic programs, the FAMC Creative Community is probably the best option for you.

What if I get in a learning community and change my major next semester? Can I get out of the learning community next semester?

If you aren't sure about your major or think you might switch, it's better for you to be a learning community that is not designed for specific majors. This way, even if you do change your major, the cohort schedule will still have classes that you need to take.

Can I take any section of a class on the learning community schedule?

No, you must take the learning community section of the learning community courses. You can get this information by reviewing our website.

After I am accepted to the program, how long do I have to make a final decision and add the classes?

Unless you have a situation that you've discussed with the staff in the Office of the First-Year Experience, you have two weeks from the day that you are advised to register for the learning community classes. After two weeks, your application will be placed on a waiting list.

Do I have to live in a specific residence hall? When can I select my room?

If you are applying for a living learning community, you must live in the residence hall associated with that community. You may select your room once you have registered for the appropriate learning community classes.

Why can't I see the learning community classes when I register?

The learning community classes are hidden and you will need to register for the classes simultaneously. 

When can I register for the learning community classes?

You may register once you receive the learning community designation that will identify you as a learning community (an email will be sent once this done).

Where can I find information about Honors, ROTC, and Agriculture?



ROTC: Emily Elkins -

Still have more questions?

Please call the FYE office at 936.294.3422 or email