Bearkat Learning

Quick Facts

  • Students in a living-learning community attend two to three classes together each semester;
  • This is a residential learning community; students in this program are grouped in the same residence hall;
  • For more information, visit our FAQs page.

The Bearkat Learning Community (BLC) is a program designed for incoming freshmen who want to take full advantage of their university experience.  In BLC, students take two to three classes together each semester.  They also participate in six weeks of small group seminars in the fall and have to option of participating in additional extracurricular, social, educational, and community service programs.

This community is currently accepting applications for Spring 2016.

Living in BLC

100 BLC students live together on the 3rd floor of Raven Village, a coed residence hall in which rooms are arranged in suites.

Applying to BLC

What are the requirements for admission to BLC?

In order to participate in the BLC program, students must be accepted to SHSU, have a completed Housing Application and $200 deposit on file, and fill out a separate BLC application. 

In addition to the application, students must schedule an interview with the Program Coordinator or attach an essay.

What are the specifics of the essay?

The essay must be a single, typed page and should respond to the following prompt: BLC is an opportunity for students who are committed to personal and academic success in college. Please 1) explain why you want to participate in this program, 2) how you can contribute to the community, and 3) your current strategies for academic success. 

How do I apply to BLC?

Applications may be picked up at a Saturdays @ Sam Information Session, at New Student Orientation, and at various offices on-campus. You may download the application using the "Apply Now" link above.

2017-2018 applications will be available on Wednesday, February 15.

2016-2017 Courses

  • Fall Courses
  • Students must choose a section of UNIV 1301 (sections 80-83) and one other course from the list, which includes
  • ENGL 1301.07 and 1301.43 (CRN 80576 and 80626)
  • HIST 1301.07 and 1301.24 (CRN 81653 and 81706)
  • BIOL 1436.02 with 1436.14 (CRN 80127 and 81408)
  • CHEM 1406.04 with 1406.28 (CRN 80004 and 80222)
  • PSYC 1301.01 (CRN 80823)
  • SOCI 2319.04 (CRN 80726)
  • Spring Courses
  • Students must choose two classes from the spring list:
  • BIOL 1408.02 (CRN 20429)
  • BIOL 1436.06 (CRN 20530)
  • ENGL 1302
  • GEOG 1401.01 (CRN 20023)
  • HIST 1302.11 (CRN 20355)
  • HIST 1302.22 (CRN 20374)
  • MATH 1314.13 (CRN 21174)
  • PSYC 1301.03 (CRN 20956)
  • SOCI 2319.04 (CRN 20414)