Upcoming Events

LEAP Center's Upcoming Events - Summer and Fall 2018

Summer Calendar

May 23: Interview with Photographer Mark Burns

May 29-June 5: New Leadership Texas

June 6-12: Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks

July 5-9: Big Bend National Park

July 17: Patricia Hunt Holmes Book Signing (Brazos Bookstore)

July 19-30: Southern Legislative Conference in St. Louis

July 31: Melissa Mednicov Book Signing (Brazos Bookstore)

Fall Calendar

August 1: Applications for POLS internships accepted

August 4 (5-7 pm): Wynne Home Luau

August 9: Ben Koush book signing (Constructing Houston's Future)

August 22: Applications for POLS internships due

September 1: Applications for Austin Internships accepted

September 15: Reed Farrel Coleman book signing

September 17-18: Saudi America: The Realities of Fracking and How It's Changing the World

September 21: Andrew Gross book signing

September 26: Jihad & Co.: Black Markets and Islamist Power

October: heART of Huntsville

October 1: Applications due for Austin Internship Program

October 10: Bob Spitz book signing (Reagan: An American Journey)

October 16: Ron Chernow Book Signing

October 18: Clint Watts Book Signing

October 26: Jeff Abbott & Lou Berney book signings

October 30: BA Shapiro book signing

Early November: Conferences