Upcoming Events

LEAP Center's Upcoming Events - Summer and Fall 2018

Fall Calendar

September 1: Applications for Austin Internships accepted

September 12: Diana Untermeyer on Qatar: Sand, Sky, and Sea

September 18: Saudi America: The Realities of Fracking and How It's Changing the World (Bethany McLean)

September 19: Pre-Law Society Meeting (6:00-7:30pm--CHSS 242B)

September 20: Legislative Career Panel (and Austin Internships Informational Session)

September 21: Andrew Gross book signing

September 22: Mock LSAT

September 22: Lee Jamison opening at Wynne Home Arts Center

September 25: Traditional Ethiopian Dinner

September 26-30: Texas Tribune Festival

October: heART of Huntsville

October 8: Habeas Data, by Cyrus Farivar  (Book Discussion and Signing)

October 10: Bob Spitz, "Reagan: An American Journey"  (Book Discussion and Signing)

October 15: Applications due for Austin Internship Program

October 16: State Department Overview with Diplomat Julie Kavanagh (served as Diplomat in Taiwan, Singapore, Colombia, China, and Brazil)

October 16: Ron Chernow, "Grant" (Book Signing)

October 17: Pre-Law Society Meeting (6:00-7:30pm)

October 26: Jeff Abbott & Lou Berney  (Book Discussion and Signing)

October 27: Scare on the Square

October 30: BA Shapiro, "The Collector's Apprentice,"  (Book Discussion and Signing)

November 6: Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright

November 14: Pre-Law Society Meeting (6:00-7:30pm)

November 15: Michael Beschloss, "Presidents of War" (Book Discussion and Signing)

November 26: Former Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, "The World As It Is" (Book Discussion and Signing)

Spring 2019

January 2: Austin Internship Orientation

January 3: Austin Interns Begin Work

March 7-17: American History Tour: New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford