Department of Population Health

The internship program at the Department of Population Health provides students with real world practical experience under the guidance of a qualified and experienced health care professional. The internship for majors is a 400-hour and minors a 200-hour professional practicum that may be conducted in settings like schools, community, medical or corporate health setting and other public and private health organizations. The health graduate program presents a 300 hour professional internship in the health setting of the student's choice. Graduate internships should be selected to emphasize experience in leadership and management roles in settings consistent with the student's career goals.

Below is a brief list of organizations providing information on available internships to undergraduate and graduate students:

Students in the Department of Population Health may be interested and select from other organizations that have established linkages with SHSU. For additional information related to internship opportunities please contact Ms. Kathleen Gilbert, or call 936-294-2309.