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Graduate Scholarships

For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office. Or call the Aid Office at 936-294-1724 or 936-294-1774 (Toll Free: 1-866-BEARKAT). The Counselor for Graduate Student Aid is Brandi Jones; you may contact her with questions at

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Special Graduate Student Scholarship

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences awards competitive graduate student scholarships based on GRE scores and GPA. A qualified student must submit a scholarship application (available on line) and supply all supporting documentation, including transcripts and two letters of recommendation. The student must apply anew every term, by the CHSS deadline. For application deadlines and a link to the scholarship application form, see the CHSS scholarship web page. For more information about the CHSS scholarship, contact Ms. Toni Abshire, Administrative Assistant in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, by either phone (936-294-2205) or e-mail (

University Center Scholarship

Students who take at least six semester hours at The University Center in The Woodlands may apply for this scholarship. The student receives $1,000 ($500 per semester). The student must apply annually for the scholarship, by the posted deadline. For more information about the University Center scholarship, contact Dr. Dina Flores-Mejorado, SHSU Academic Officer at The University Center, by either phone (936-273-7518) or e-mail (

The Donald Stalling Scholarship

This scholarship, named for a former Chair of the Department of English, is reserved for superior English graduate students. Because the scholarship fund depends upon private donations, it is available at irregular intervals. Consult the Director of Graduate Studies in English or the Graduate Secretary for further information. 

The Graduate Assistantship in English

The Department of English offers graduate assistantships for qualified students. The graduate assistant is awarded a $9,800 stipend for an academic year (two long terms) and qualifies for state health benefits. The typical assistantship is renewable for a total of four long terms (although a student may apply for a fifth semester). The graduate assistant usually works twenty hours a week. A graduate assistant will be assigned to one (or more) of the following positions each semester, depending on need and available openings. The Chair of the Department of English makes all graduate assistant assignments.

Teaching Assistantship

Teaching assistants typically work their way up the rungs of freshman English classes:

ENGL 0331 (Developmental English)

The graduate assistant helps students who have not yet managed to meet the University’s entrance-level writing standards. In remediating these students, the instructor concentrates on the fundamentals of composition—grammar, sentence construction, mechanics, and the basics of organizing and developing a simple essay.

ENGL 1301 (Composition I)

After earning eighteen hours of graduate credit, as required by the University’s accrediting body, the teaching assistant may be assigned to a Composition I class, which concentrates on formulating and developing a single thesis through an essay and on English syntax, diction, and rhetoric.

ENGL 1302 (Composition II)

Some teaching assistants are given the opportunity to teach Composition II, which picks up with the basic skills mastered in English 1301 but helps the students in the course develop more complex modes or patterns of writing. It also concentrates on research writing across the disciplines.

Writing Center Tutor

The Sam Houston State University Writing Center, to which a number of graduate assistants are assigned as tutors, offers help in writing to students, staff, faculty, and members of the community. After training, Writing Center assistants typically work twenty hours a week, usually one-on-one with freshman and sophomore students who need help in planning and writing essays for classes across the disciplines in the core curriculum. But they may also give advice on writing résumés, lab reports, and job and scholarship application letters.

For further information about the Writing Center, contact Ms. Ann Theodori, Writing Center Director:

Texas Review Press Assistantship*

Some graduate assistants serve part-time editorial assistantships in the office of Texas Review Press, where they gain valuable professional experience in the day-to-day editing and publishing work of a university press. For further information about Texas Review Press and The Texas Review, contact Dr. Paul Ruffin, Director:

Research Assistantship

Depending upon need, some qualified graduate assistants serve as research assistants to faculty engaged in scholarly projects.

Qualifying for the Graduate Assistantship

The applicant for a graduate assistantship must:

  • be a student accepted in regular admission status;
  • present a minimum combined verbal and quantitative GRE score of 1,000;
  • submit an application for assistant instructor

Application Deadlines for Graduate Assistantships**

  • Fall        March 15
  • Spring    November 1

* To avoid a conflict of credit and employment interests, a student may not hold an assistantship at Texas Review Press at the same time that she or he is taking ENG 5333, the editing and publishing practicum.

**Graduate assistantships are not available during the summer.

Submit the application form to the following address:

Ms. Sarah Barragan, Graduate Secretary
Department of English
Sam Houston State University
Box 2146
Huntsville TX 77341-2146 

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