Why Join?

Getting involved in Program Council is a great opportunity to develop your skills as a leader at Sam Houston State University!

We are always looking for students that want to become involved in student life at SHSU! Our programs are detail oriented and our committee members are vital to our success. By joining PC, you establish a way to meet new people and get a head start in getting involved. Besides, how can we provide programs for you if we don’t know what you want to see?

You Get to Make ALL the Decisions!

The daily operations of Program Council are managed entirely by students. We have an advisor to help, but you really get to make the decisions on how to plan and implement all our programs!

You Can Plan Just About Any Type Event You Want To!

Program Council has a model of programming that includes so many different areas. The model includes well-being (physical, mental, spiritual), education, entertainment, social, and spirit and traditions. If you can dream it up in your mind, you can do it through Program Council!

Join us at our bi-monthly Committee Meetings for more information on how to become involved in Program Council!

More information on Committee Meetings coming soon!