Minimum Degree Requirements - Baccalaureate Degree

Regardless of the degree sought, there are certain minimum requirements. The student is responsible for knowledge of the detailed requirements of the degree selected and any special requirements of the major and/or minor department.


  • Complete a minimum of 128 hours when completing a degree that is filed under a catalog prior to 2008. (Developmental hours do not count towards degree requirements.)

OR for students who have filed a degree under the 2008 catalog, 120 hours must be completed. (Developmental hours do not count towards degree requirements.)

  • Complete 42 advanced hours (300/400 level courses from a four-year institution), of which 24 must be "in residence" (taken at SHSU). Courses taken at a junior or community college do not count as advanced hours regardless of the course number assigned to the course.
  • Complete 12 advanced hours "in residence" from the major department and 6 advanced hours in residence from the minor department.
  • Complete 25% of total required hours for degree in residence (not by correspondence) at Sam Houston State University.
  • Maintain a 2.00 grade point average in the major, the minor, and overall. (Contact the major department for assistance in calculating grade point averages.) (Please note that transfer grades are calculated separately from SHSU grades. A 2.00 grade point average must be maintained in SHSU course work and the overall combined grade point average for the following: major, minor, and overall.)
    (Some majors and minors require grades no lower than "C" to be earned in their course work, students should make sure of this requirement with their advisors or academic departments.)
  • Complete 6 courses (18 hours) of writing enhanced coursework* to include:
    2 courses (6 hours) from major course work
    2 courses (6 hours) from English Composition
    2 additional courses (6 hours) from any academic discipline
  • "In Residence": Correspondence course work does NOT count as "In Residence" course work.

*A writing enhanced course is one in which fifty percent or more of the student's grades are based on written assignments. Beginning freshmen are required to complete six writing-enhanced courses before graduation: English 1301, English 1302, two courses in the major, and two additional courses in any discipline. The letter W, which stands for writing enhanced, will appear after the designated courses, e.g., SED 480W.