President's Speaker Series

The President's Speaker Series, underwritten by the late Lu Ellen Gibbs, was established to bring prominent leaders to campus. Speakers will be chosen for their ability to deliver messages of substance that have the potential to significantly impact our students, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college. This forum will give our students yet another opportunity to learn and grow from people who are living successful and principled lives.

We plan to host one speaker each spring and fall semester. These events will be open to the public. The Sam Houston State University and local communities will certainly benefit from the inspirational stories, both personal and professional, our speakers have to share.

For more information please call the President's Office at 936-294-3415.

Upcoming Speaker


Past Speakers


Steve Pemberton
Walgreens Senior Executive, Author & Child Advocate
Fall 2017

Carey Lohrenz Headshot of Gerald Irons James A. Baker Headshot Photograph John Avildsen Gilbert

Carey Lohrenz
First Female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot
Fall 2015

Gerald Irons
Former NFL Linebacker
Spring 2015

James A. Baker, III
Former U.S. Secretary of State
Fall 2014

John G. Avildsen
Film Director
Spring 2014

Gilbert Tuhabonye
Runner, Philanthropist
Fall 2013

Ann Comptom Alberto Gonzalez Nolan Ryan Stedman Graham Tony Dorsett

Ann Compton
White House Correspondent,
ABC News 
Spring 2013

Alberto Gonzalez
Former U.S. Attorney General
Fall 2012

Nolan Ryan
Baseball Hall of Fame & Businessman
Spring 2012

Stedman Graham
Educator, Author and Businessman 

Fall 2011

Tony Dorsett
Legendary Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys
Fall 2010

Lech Walesa Marcus Luttrell J.C. Watts Bob Dole Jackie Pflug

Lech Walesa 
Nobel Laureate
Fall 2009

Marcus Luttrell
Former Navy SEAL

Fall 2009

J.C. Watts 
Former Congressman
Fall 2008

Senator Bob Dole 
Fall 2007

Jackie Pflug 
Hijack Survivor
Spring 2007

Sherron Watkins Drayton McLane Ken Jennings Wallace Jefferson Mickey Herskowitz

Sherron Watkins
Former Enron Employee
Fall 2006

Drayton McLane Jr. 
Owner, Houston Astros 
Spring 2006

Ken Jennings 
Jeopardy Champion 
Fall 2005

Wallace Jefferson 
TX Supreme Court Justice 
Spring 2005

Mickey Herskowitz
Journalist, Writer
Fall 2004

James Haley David Robinson Dave Dravecky Debbi Fields Gene Stallings

James Haley 
Spring 2004

David Robinson 
Professional Basketball Player 
Fall 2003

Dave Dravecky 
Former Professional Baseball Player 
Spring 2003

Debbi Fields
Founder of

Mrs. Fields Cookies 
Fall 2002

Gene Stallings
Former Professional Football Coach 

Spring 2002