The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs serves as the primary administrator of research compliance at Sam Houston State University. In order to meet the University's compliance standards in research ethics, you must complete training and your research proposal must pass institutional review. The NIH and NSF Office of Inspector General assign primary responsibility to universities for detecting and preventing research misconduct and for establishing a culture that emphasizes responsible conduct of research. Increasing research at SHSU depends on the University maintaining the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research.

SHSU participates in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), which supports training and certification for professional researchers in research ethics education. Depending on the type of research that you intend to conduct, you may be required to take one or more CITI courses to satisfy SHSU compliance requirements. For more information about which courses you will need to take and how to register for training, please go to the CITI Training section of this website or contact Sharla Miles at 936.294.4875.

In addition to CITI Training, you may also need to submit your research proposal to ORSP to verify that it meets ethical standards. If your research involves human subjects in any way, you should review the IRB section of this website for procedures on creating and submitting your proposal. If your research involves animal subjects in any way, you should review the IACUC section of this website for the appropriate procedures.

All research conducted by Sam Houston State University (SHSU) faculty is governed by Federal, State and Institutional policies including: