FAST 2014 Projects

2014 Winners

Mark Anderson

The objective of this research was to determine if feeding CLA to obese pigs would alter the amount of fat and muscle tissue in obese male and female pigs that were either supplemented with CLA or with a second control oil (soybean oil).

Read Mark Anderson's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Julia Swyden

 Student Reflection - Phil Urso

Lei Chen and Chi-Chung Jorn Yu

Can Latest Biometric Technologies Be Trusted?: A Pilot Study of the Reliability and Tamper-Resistance of Touch ID and Retina Scanner

Read Lei Chen and Chi-Chung Jorn Yu's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Robert McDown

 Student Reflection - Joshua Sablatura

Tom Garrett

Tom Garrett, associate professor of film and FAST Award recipient, will be using his stipend to help pay travel expenses as he and two students spend part of the summer in Los Angeles, shooting a documentary about Academy Award-winning director John Avildsen.

Read Tom Garrett's report on this project.

Student Reflection - Khoi Nguyen

Student Reflection - Monty Sloan

Hannah Gerber

Another FAST Award winner is the team lead by Hannah Gerber, assistant professor of literacy, which is tackling trash and sanitation issues in developing nations that do not have the infrastructure for clean up or recycling programs.

Read Hannah Gerber's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Melissa Ashworth

Student Reflection - Luis Gaitan

Santosh Kumar

Given the importance of microfinance in the design of poverty alleviation policy, we started a microfinance project in Tamil Nadu, one of the southern states in India. We formed Self Help Group (SHG) of women in 150 villages and provided them financial capital and entrepreneurial training to start a business in her village. We also collected data from other 150 villages that formed the control for our analysis. The proposed randomized nature of research design will let us evaluate the causal effect of microfinance on poverty and women empowerment.

Read Santosh Kumar's report on this project.

Student Reflection - Madison Becker

Todd Primm

Other FAST Award winners are taking a more traditional approach to research, including a team led by Todd Primm, associate professor of biology, which is looking at the effects of antibiotics on a host. While the subject matter is not unique, it was the group’s fresh approach that caught the attention of the EURECA advisory board.

Read Todd Primm's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Jeannette Carlson

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Student Reflection - Danya Bishoff

Joni Seeling

My current research characterizes the regulation of Wnt signaling by PP2A in frogs, and translates this information to the regulation of Wnt in human cancer. A clearer understanding of how B56 subunits modulate Wnt signaling will allow us to better understand colon tumorigenesis and may lead to innovative approaches for the treatment and prevention of one of the most deadly cancers.

Read Joni Seeling's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Stacy Batres

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 Student Reflection - Grayson Means

Narasimha Shashidhar

In this project, we set out to analyze the forensic artifacts that are potentially available/left behind on the host machine after a user has browsed the Internet using one of these “private” browsing modes. This research ultimately led us to explore a certain esoteric file on the Windows Operating System called the prefetch file.

Read Narasimha Shashidhar's report on this project.

 Student Reflection - Dylan Novak