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Computer Science Department 

Computer Science Degree Transfer Pathway

Software Engineering DegreeTechnology Pathway

Computer Science is an inter-disciplinary field encompassing mathematics, logic, science, communication, and engineering. Fundamental to a study of Computer Science is the development of intellectual tools and practical skills in the design and implementation of technology-based solutions to real world scientific, business, and human problems. The Sam Houston State University undergraduate computer science degree program has been accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (CAC/ABET).  Degrees programs include Computer Science, Digital Forensics, and Information Assurance.

The Computer Science program offers major study plans for students wishing to pursue careers as a analyst/designer/programmer/software engineer (scientific, engineering, business), as network and database administrators, as digital forensics and information security professionals, or to prepare for advanced studies at the graduate level. Minor study plans are offered which can be tailored to the needs of students majoring in almost any field. A plan leading to secondary teacher certification in Computer Science is also offered.

                        Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCN)


Major TCCNS Course








*Calculus 1 MATH2413 – 4 hrs.


*Pgm. Fund. I (Java) 1336/1436



*Calculus 2 MATH2414 – 4 hrs.


*Pgm. Fund. (Java)  II 1337/1437



*Discrete Mathematics – 3 hrs.


*Comp.Org/Mach. Lang 2325/2345



Life & Physical Sciences


*Pgm. Fund. III (“C” w/Linux) 2320



16 hours lab science including 8 hrs. Physics


* Field of Study (FOS) Courses.

The baccalaureate degree in Computer Science consists of 6 components:

Computer Science  936.294.3846

AB1 Room 214

Student Advising and Mentoring Center: (936) 294-4444