Paper Proposal Guidelines

Proposals for Paper Sessions

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2014

Paper sessions will offer an opportunity to present and discuss topics on global educational issues selected by the Program Committee. Participants will each be given between 11-13 minutes to present papers in summary fashion. To propose a paper for a paper session, authors should prepare a summary including (a) a statement of the problem, (b) perspective(s) or theoretical framework, (c) methods and procedures, (d) results and conclusions, and (e) the educational or scientific importance of the study. Where feasible, sessions will be organized around themes to promote discussion and audience interaction. Session Chairs are typically one of the presenters from that session, so please be sure to check the program ahead of time to determine who is chairing a given session.  An asterisk (*) next to a presenter’s name indicates selection as the session chair. 

The Universality of Global Education Issues annual meeting is intended as a venue in which presenters have written an actual prepared paper, which is made available to interested members. In other words, Universality of Global Education Issues is NOT a venue for coming to a conference and extemporaneously delivering off-the-cuff remarks.      

Submission Format:

  • All proposals for inclusion in the program must be submitted electronically using the link posted on the Universality of Global Education Issues website: Submit your proposal (  Proposals should be no more than two (2) single-spaced pages in length.
  • Most papers have 10-18 pages of narrative, references, and many have tables and/or figures. All papers should have a cover page listing the title, author(s), and a note at the bottom saying, "Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Universality of Global Education Issues, The Woodlands, March (date), 2015." Also, please, in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of your cover page, type the Session Number in which the paper is being presented (e.g., "T2.3", "W1.4", "F3.1"), as indicated by the conference program posted to the web in December prior to the annual meeting.

Reviewing procedures

Once a submission has been made, no changes in authorship or order of authors will be allowed. Each submission will be peer-reviewed by 2 reviewers. If there is a disagreement as to whether or not to accept a proposal a third reviewer will be the deciding vote.All proposals submitted by November 15th will receive communication regarding acceptances and rejections by December 1, 2014. Proposals submitted after November 15th will receive communication on a rolling basis.


  • There is a limit of 2 submissions by a principal/first author.
  • All authors/co-authors and workshop, symposia, and innovative session presenters must register for the annual meeting.
  • The Program Committee may exclude any proposal that does not meet the guidelines specified in this publication.
  • Presenters are expected to bring 10-15 copies of their papers to the annual meeting for distribution to the audience, OR upload a digital copy of the paper to the Universality of Global Education Issues Paper Repository website. More information about the Repository will be disseminated in the Fall.
  • All meeting rooms at the annual conference will be equipped with an LCD Projector and computer. Please load your presentation on a jump drive for uploading onto the conference room computer.

PLEASE NOTE that conference registration and payment ***RECEIPT*** are required within one month (i.e., BY THE NOVEMBER DEADLINE) of the proposal submission deadline.


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