Eligible Legal Issues

We are here to provide information on the law and your legal options. Student Legal & Mediation Services provides consultation on a variety of legal issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Landlord-Tenant Concerns
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law/Child Support
  • Consumer Law
  • Contract Law
  • Simple Wills
  • Name Changes

Make an appointment on Campus Connect to meet with the attorney to discuss your concern. If consultation reveals your legal question is of a complex nature requiring legal representation, we will advise you how to find an attorney with the appropriate expertise.

We cannot provide representation or counsel on issues involving:

  • Sam Houston State University**
  • More than one student attending Sam Houston State University; although mediation may be an option to consider
  • Ongoing litigation

**If you have an issue with faculty, staff, or a department on campus, their contact information may be located in the University Directory. Also, consult the Student Handbook for information.

These are some common issues and the departments that students can contact:

Issues SHSU Department Phone Number
Enrollment Enrollment Management 936-294-1345
Residence Hall or On-Campus Housing Residence Life 936-294-1812
Disciplinary Issues Dean of Students Office 936-294-1785
Grade Appeals/Disputes Academic Affairs 936-294-1001
SHSU Parking Ticket Appeals Public Safety Services 936-294-1790
Financial Advice Student Money Management Center 936-294-2600
Student Organizations Leadership Initiatives  936-294-3861
Tuition Financial Aid 936-294-1774

Additionally, these are some other useful SHSU departments to contact:

SHSU Department Phone Number
Office of Equity and Inclusion (Title IX) 936-294-3026
Vice President of Student Affairs 936-294-1784