Art of Teaching

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Teaching is no easy task. It is an art form; one that requires craft, sensitivity, creativity, and intelligence. Whether your classroom consists of three students or 300, it is important to be as effective and successful a teacher as possible, both for the education of your students and for your own professional and personal growth. The Art of Teaching workshop series consists of viewing video sessions followed by group discussion, and then application to your own teaching. Workshops are interdisciplinary, so you can learn from your colleagues across the campus.

The videos are from the Great Courses series and are taught by Dr. Patrick Allitt from Emory University. All instructors are welcome, including graduate students.

For the fall 2018 semester, the workshop will be held the second Monday of each month, from 3-4 pm, in the PACE conference room (CHSS room 002). You can register in Talent Management or by contacting

September 10th - Exams, Evaluations, and Feedback

October 8th - Maintaining Your Enthusiasm

November 12th - Managing the Challenges of Teaching