Evacuation Information

Building Evacuation/Closure

Whenever the fire alarm system is activated, occupants MUST evacuate the building and
reassemble at the designated location(s). Occupants on floors above the ground floor must
use emergency exit stairwells to leave the building. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS!
For certain emergencies such as a bomb threat or a natural gas leak, the fire alarms/strobes
may not be used. Instead, authorized Emergency Response Officials will move through the
building and order the occupants to evacuate. Emergency Evacuation Maps are posted in the buildings so that their occupants can become familiar with the evacuation routes for their area. Evacuate to a safe distance from the buildings and stay out of the way of emergency vehicles and personnel. Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by public safety personnel.

Assisting Disabled

Faculty and staff are responsible for identifying any students(s)/employee(s) with a disability
that would need consideration and assistance during an evacuation. At least two (2) people
should be assigned to each person with a disability to ensure the person will be assisted
during the evacuation. If the disabled person cannot use the fire exit stairwells, they must be
escorted to the exit stairwell landing as a “Safe Point of Rescue." The escort should remain
with the disabled person at the landing to provide additional assistance. The faculty or
staff member or instructor will inform an authorized emergency responder that a disabled
person is waiting for rescue on the specified floor within the exit stairwell.

Stadium Evacuation Information

Johnson Coliseum Information