Orange Pride Dance Team - Tryouts and Workouts




Spring Tryout:  TBA, Late April or Early May

Summer Tryout:  TBA, Around the 2nd weekend of June


Academic Building 3 Room 101

1922 Avenue J

Huntsville, TX 77340

  Spring Tryout

  Approx. Times:

Friday, 6pm to 9pm

Saturday, 9am to around 6pm

Sunday, only if necessary

  Summer Tryout

  Approx. Times:

Saturday, 9am to 3pm



It is highly recommended to attend the Spring Tryout for placement on the team.  Summer Tryouts are used to full any positions not filled during the Spring Tryout.  Candidates not selected at the Spring Tryouts may also attend the Summer Tryouts.  Candidates are also encouraged not to wait for Summer Tryouts if possible in the event that all positions are filled during the Spring Tryout.



  • New students must be admitted to Sam Houston State University for the upcoming Fall Semester in order to tryout.  Students cannot be admitted on any type of probation.
  • Sam Houston State University students must have a 2.2 cumulative grade point average and be in good standing with the university.  Students cannot be on any form of academic and/or disciplinary probation.
  • An application form and current transcript or copy of a letter of acceptance into SHSU must be turned in along with the $20 application fee.
  • Candidates need to bring a copy of their insurance to the audition.
  • Returning members of the team must have left the team in good standing the previous year.






The following is a guideline of the tryout process, however the Coach reserves the right to change the order, times, or content if desired.


4:00pm - 6:00pm


  • Turn in application, proof of enrollment, and $20 fee
  • Sign liability release form
  • Have questions answered by Coach
  • Receive tryout number (to be worn during the entire tryout process)
  • Dancers are expected to warm themselves up in one of our open rooms before 6:00 when the tryout will promptly begin.
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Technique Round

  • Learn technique combinations
  • Execute technique combinations across the floor or in small groups
- Technique Cut -

Dancers will be given a short break and those not cut will move on to the next round.

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Learn Routine

  • Learn Routine to be evaluated the next day and given time to practice.


7:00am - 9:00am

Check back in

  • Warm up by 9:00am
  • Open practice time to prepare
  • Get help or critiques from Coach
9:00am - 10:30am

Choreography Round

  • Evaluated in small groups of 3 to 4 dancers on routine learned the night before as well as any technique that Coach would like to see
- Choreography Cut -

Dancers will be given a lunch break after which those not cut will return for the final round.

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Final Round

  • Depending on what it is felt is necessary to pick the next team dancers will either learn a combo in a different style, learn more technique progressions, or both.
  • Review previously learned routines and technique progressions.

3:00pm - 5:00pm

Final Evaluation

  • Candidates will be called in for evaluation in a variety of different groups and may be asked to show any of the combinations or routines taught throughout tryouts
  • Candidates are typically asked to choreograph their own 8-count combination across the floor to show their personal strengths and style
*This portion of the tryout could be moved to the following day, Sunday, if felt necessary by the Coach.*
- Final Cut -

Those dancers selected to join the Orange Pride will breifly meet and celebrate!



What are the recommended skills?

There are no skills required for selection on the Orange Pride Dance Team, but dancers need to have a solid technical background and show an understanding of collegiate-level execution.  Different combinations with a variety of leaps, turns, and extensions will be taught throughout the tryout.  Candidates will also be asked to show several 8-counts of the choice across the floor and are encouraged to show skills that highlight their strengths and make them an asset for a collegiate team.  Showing the ability to take corrections and the desire to improve may also be considered by the coach during the selection process.

The following skills are not a comprehensive list for try-outs but can be used as a guide for the types of skills typically being evaluated: 

  • Triple/Quad Pirouettes (executed in a variety of positions such as passe, coupe, attitude, and pencil)
  • Leaps on the Right, Left, and in Second
  • A Variety of Switch leaps (e.g. Switch Arabesque, Switch Tilt, Switch Center)
  • Turning Leaps (Calypso, Turning Disc)
  • Kicks, Leg holds, Turning Leg Holds and Extensions
  • Fouette Combinations with a variety of arm and leg placements

What should I wear?

Candidates may arrive, warm up, and learn material in comfortable/loose fitting clothing, but will be required to tryout in a crop top or sports bra and spandex or fitted shorts.  Tops and shorts may have colors or be decorated/rhinestoned, but dancers are encouraged to avoid busy patterns and text of any kind.  Bring both jazz shoes and tennis shoes.  Candidates are expected to look polished and game day ready.  There will be an area provided for you to dress and fix hair and makeup.

**Returning members may not wear anything denoting past membership on the team or as part of SHSU Spirit Programs, including during registration or warm up.**

If I mess up, can I do the routine again?

It is completely at the discretion of the judges if a candidate will be given more than one opportunity to perform the routine. Usually a candidate is given a second opportunity if she does not execute enough of the routine for them to determine a score.

Will you narrow down the pool during the tryout?

Yes, after all the candidates have performed the routine there will be an initial cut. Tryouts will then continue with a second phase of performances.

When will we find out who has been selected for the team?

The final results will be announced at the conclusion of the tryouts. There is not a predetermined number of candidates that will be selected, but the team usually consists of around 30 dancers. 


Can my family and friends watch the tryout? 

Guests are welcome while the tryout material is being taught, however, the actual tryout is not open to the public.



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