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Workdays are open events geared towards incoming recruits to give them a feel for what our program is like.  You will be able to tumble and stunt with current and prospective members alike.  Participants will not need to bring a partner for this workout and do not have to pay to attend.  Workdays are open for all participants showing proof of medical insurance and completing a waiver of liability form.  Friends and family are also welcome to watch the workday.

ALL FEMALE PARTICIPANTS WILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR EACH WORKDAY.  Male candidates do not need to register and are welcome to attend any workday.  Each workday is an OPEN process and NO INVITATIONS ARE REQUIRED.  However, we are capping the number of females at each workday so that we can better evaluate each candidate.  Female candidates may attend any 2 of the 3 workdays. 

Until the official online registration form is posted, we ask that you e-mail us at with "Workday Registration" in the subject line letting us know which date (up to two) you would like to register for.  Registration will be taken on a first come basis.  Once any workdate is full, we will indicate so online and will notify any persons who have registered after the session filled.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please e-mail us or call the Spirit Programs Office.

Our Spring 2015 Workdays:

January 24, 1-4 pm Co -ed & All-Girl

February 21, 1-4 pm Co-ed & All-Girl

March 21, 1-4 pm Co-ed & All-Girl


  • All female candidates can only register upto any 2 of the workday dates
  • All participants must show proof of current insurance
  • All participants must sign a waiver of liability (available online or on site the day of workday)




Try-outs are a three-day long process occurring at the beginning of May and consist of three phases; at each phase cuts may be made. Try-outs will be held in the Academic Building 3 (ABIII). A list will be posted following the last day of try-outs indicating who made the squad.

All candidates trying out must have a completed application file. This file includes proof of enrollment to Sam Houston,  completed recruit questionnaire (available under the "forms" tab), $20 application fee (checks made out to SHSU), college/high school Transcript (can be unofficial), and a photo (will not be returned). Please have all paperwork turned into the spirit office prior to try-outs.

Attire for women should include a sports bra or fitting tank top and spandex or fitting shorts; men need to be in general work out clothing (no black-soled shoes). The coach and/or advisor have the authority to make the final decisions in the try-out process. The general try-out process is subject to change.

Try-Outs are open to all candidates!

Spring 2015 Try-Out Dates:

May 1, 6pm (This is first phase if you make it through this round you return next day.)

May 2, 10am(This is second phase if you make it through this round you return next day.)

May 3, 12pm (Third and final round.)

******All dates are mandator******

Try-Out Phase Description

Friday - Phase I:



Candidates will demonstrate their standing and running tumbling abilities in an informal process. The judges/staff will determine which candidates will proceed to the next phase. If needed, a brief "stunt around" time will be used to finalize the first cut.

Friday - Phase II:



Candidates will be given the opportunity to stunt " around. " Candidates may not bring their own stunt partner. However, you will be asked to stunt with another potential squad member. A cut may be made to determine which candidates will proceed. Candidates will also be taught try-out material and given the opportunity to practice more advanced stunting skills while selecting a partner for the remaining try-out process.

Saturday - Phase III:



Candidates will perform the cheer, fight song, and partner stunts in a formal try-out process for the judges/staff. A final cut list will be posted indicating what candidates have made the team.

Recommended Skills:

Tumbling as strength:



• Standing back tuck
• Back handspring back tuck
• R.O. flip-flop full
• Hands: liberty, stretch

Stunting as strength:



• Toss stunts: lib, stretch full-down, cupie (with full ups/rewinds and double downs preferred)
• Standing back tuck




• Hands or Toss: lib, & stretch full-down
• Standing back tuck
• Back handspring back tuck
• R.O. back handspring back tuck

Video Try-Out Process



The video try-out process is for all candidates unable to attend our regular try-outs held on campus. However, attendance to try-outs is strongly recommended.

NOTE: No official position will be offered to a video try-out candidate before he / she has attended a scheduled workday or practice. You may call the Spirit Programs Office at 936-294-4239 to schedule your visit.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting a video:

• A completed video, recruit questionnaire, proof of admission, high school/college transcript and $20 application fee must be received by the Spirit Programs Office by the Thursday prior to the first day of try-outs.
• VHS or DVD formats accepted.
• Please send videos to one of the following:


Brian McColpin, SHSU Cheer Brian McColpin, SHSU Cheer
1802 Avenue I P.O. Box 2507
Lowman Student Center, Suite 328 Huntsville, TX 77341
Huntsville, TX 77340  


All video submissions must include these skills in the following order:


• One chant incorporating tumbling (choreographed by candidate)
• One cheer incorporating tumbling (choreographed by candidate)


• Standing Back Tuck
• Standing tumbling skills (ex. back handspring back tuck)
• Optional standing tumbling skills
• One running tumbling pass
• Optional running tumbling pass


• All stunts below may be performed from the hands level, as a toss, a full-up, or a rewind:
• Liberty
• Stretch full- down or double down
• Cupie
• Optional stunt to stunt sequence


Please answer the following questions on tape

-Why do you want to cheer for Sam Houston State?

-What do you believe the role of  a collegiate cheerleader should be?

-What are your goals after college?

-Would you like to be considered for the All-Girl Cheer team if you

  are not selected for the co-ed cheer team?

Notification of Selection for Video Candidates:

All candidates offered a scholarship or non-scholarship position will be posted on the SHSU Spirit Programs home page following completion of the try-out process. If any video candidtate has not attended a workout in person, he or she may be contacted to set-up an in person workout so that a final decision can be made. 

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