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"Our mission is to provide scholarship, financial, and leadership support to the Military Science Department at the University, working closely with the Professors of Military Science, the Military Science Cadre, and the student members of the Bearkat Battalion."

Military Science Club

The Military Science Club, chartered in 2013, serves to strengthen relationships between

Military Science alumni and  Sam Houston State University.

President Richard Mills '74
Vice President Bob Penry '75

Past President

Membership Committee Chair

Brian Leighton '78
Secretary Buddy McCaig '72
Treasurer John Barfoot '78
Director Ross Asher '74
Director Larry Booth '73
Director Billy Joe Shotwell '70
Director John Adams '73
Director Hal Werlein '72
Director Jim Wilkenson '68
Director Reed Jones
Director Tom Terry


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Military Science Alumni Club Continues to Expand

The Military Science Alumni Club, a chapter of the SHSU Alumni Association, continues to expand its reach and support of the Military Science Department and the ROTC program at Sam Houston.

At a recent board of directors meeting, the Club approved the integration of two support programs into the Club’s activities, both of which relate to the Schuder’s Rangers, a detachment of the Bearkat Battalion. Schuder’s Rangers is the successor to the original Counter-guerrilla Company, one of the first Ranger-training units in the National ROTC structure. First formed in 1963, the Ranger-training program at Sam has resulted in dozens of its alumni serving in active duty Ranger, Special Forces, and other military units.

The new projects include the Schuder Scholarship, a $500 award given each year to an outstanding Ranger showing financial need, and the Schuder Knife Award. The Knife Awards include a Gerber Mark II combat knife and certificate. One goes to the outstanding upper class cadet, and one goes to the outstanding recruit, as voted on by the members of the unit.

The MSAC’s primary focus remains the Rowdy Inman Memorial Scholarship. The club awards one $1,000 scholarship in the Fall Semester, and an additional $1,000 scholarship in the Spring Semester. The Rowdy Inman scholarship is named after the first Bearkat killed in combat action in the war on terror. CPT Inman died leading his men in combat in Iraq. The scholarship has been awarded by MSAC and its predecessor group since 2005, at this point having given over $20,000 in scholarships to deserving Bearkat Cadets.

If you are interested in affiliating with the Military Science Alumni Club, the requirements are easy. If you were ever enrolled in a Military Science course at Sam, or are a spouse of someone who was, or are a supporter of the ROTC program, you are eligible to affiliate, even if you are affiliated with one of the other regional or specialty alumni clubs in the Alumni Association. Feel free to contact the Club’s membership director, Larry Booth, at, for more information.

Scholarship Funding Opportunity

CPT Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship

The Captain Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship is in memory of an SHSU ROTC graduate who was killed in combat. CPT Inman was killed in Iraq on December 26, 2007. The scholarship is two awards of $1,000 each; one presented in the fall semester and one presented in the spring semester.  The recipient must be (1) be a deserving Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet; (2) exhibit high academic achievement and exemplify the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage; (3) be a full-time undergraduate student, in good standing and enrolled at Sam Houston State University; (4) major in any discipline; and (5) maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.

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MSAC Meeting Minutes

MSAC 9.23.17 Meeting Minutes