Do you want to grow as a leader at SHSU? Are you interested in service-learning opportunities? Would you like to mix and mingle with other transfer students?

Emerging Leaders is an on-going pre-professional and leadership development series based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development offered for Transfer Students at SHSU. A cohort of selected participants commit to attend all programs as they learn about Leadership, Communication, Individual & Group Values, Team Building, and Active Citizenship as they prepare to serve their communities as engaged leaders.

Fall 2016 Schedule

Session 1

Wednesday, September 14

LSC 302

4 - 6pm

Introduction to Emerging Leaders

-      Overview of the program & philosophy

-      Cohort introductions & teambuilding

Session 2

Wednesday, September 28

LSC 302

4 - 6pm

Leadership from an Individual Perspective

-      Discuss individual values related to leadership

-      Discover Your Strengths workshop

Session 3

Wednesday, October 12

LSC 302

4 - 6pm

Leadership from a Financial Perspective

-      Introduction to personal finance competencies

-      Prepare for future workplace responsibilities

Session 4

Wednesday, October 26

LSC 302

4 - 6pm

Leadership from a Group Perspective

-      Examine group values related to leadership

-      Engage in conflict management initiatives

Session 5

Wednesday, November 2

LSC 302

4 - 6pm

Leadership from a Career Perspective

-      Acknowledge how student leadership translates to career leadership

-      Participate in a job search and interviewing skills workshop

Session 6

Wednesday, November 16

OMM – Parker Dining Room

4 – 6:30pm

Celebration of Learning

-      Group presentations

-      Dinner provided

***Participants will also schedule and complete a required community service project as part of a group***

Participating in Emerging Leaders will challenge you to:

  • Connect with other transfer students at SHSU
  • Define leadership
  • Discover your strengths
  • Understand conflict and collaboration
  • Connect to the local community through service
  • Reflect and apply learning


  • Submit your application no later than Friday, September 9th at noon
  • Candidates will be notified via email no later than Friday, September 9th at 5pm if selected to into the Fall 2016 Emerging Leaders Cohort

If you have any questions, please contact Max Walling at (936) 294-3000 or by email at

Need More Information?

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