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SHSU's Bearkat Service Break program (BSB) places teams of students in communities to engage in service and experiential learning during weekends throughout the fall and spring semester as well as during spring break. The teams are exposed to complex social and cultural issues that aim to heighten social awareness, encourage life-long active citizenship, and promote the advocacy of social change within communities. A few examples of issues addressed by BSB trips include literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, and the environment. Teams are led by student Site Leaders who guide group development before, during, and after the experience.

Fall 2018 Weekend BSB Trip

September 28-30, 2018:  Fossil Rim Wildlife Center 

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November 9 - 11, 2018: Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Site Leader?

A Site Leader is a student responsible for the overall coordination of the BSB trip. Site Leaders are responsible for ensuring the accomplishment of the planned objectives of specific trips with everyone involved (participants, community organization representatives, etc.)

2. What is included in the trip cost?

The trip cost includes transportation, lodging, and most meals, and and a cultural experience. Out of pocket expenses can include any leisure activities or meals outside of lodging facility.

3. How are applicants selected?

Applicants are required to respond to 4 questions that are part of the application process. Selections will be made based upon the written responses.

4. Is BSB a Religious/Spiritual "Mission" trip?

No, BSB focuses on community service and service-learning.

5. Will I earn "service-hours" for my college, student organization, or class by participating in BSB?

Yes! We will award up to 20 service hours for Spring Break and 5 service hours for our Fall and Spring Weekend Trips!

6. How many students will be selected for an BSB Trip?

A maximum of 9 students for each trip would be chosen. This includes two site leaders, 9 student participants, and also room for luggage.

7. If I have friends or family near my service site, will I be allowed to meet up with them on my own during the break?

The BSB team must stay together the entire time during the service break. Participants will not be allowed to break from the team to visit friends and family; however, visitors are able to meet up with the entire group in public places or at the housing site for a visit at a time determined appropriate by the Site Leaders.

Need More Information?

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