What is Event Tracking?

Event Tracking allows faculty/staff members to track event participation; such as sporting events, seminars,orientations and other activities held on campus. The participants are asked to swipe their Bearkat OneCard at the event as it will track their attendance. After the event, Bearkat OneCard Services will run a report on the total participation and email you a copy of the report which contains important information about program participants, such as enrollment status, classification and email address. This is a great reference, should you want to verify attendance of a program, issue a survey, or contact students about future events.

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Below is an example of an Event Tracking Report:

Name Sam ID Classification Email
John Smith 022222 Junior JohnS@shsu.edu
Jane Doe 033333 Senior JaneD@shsu.edu
Alex Fisher 044444 Sophomore AlexF@shsu.edu
Nancy Nations 055555 Freshman ancyN@shsu.edu