Admissions Staff

Angie Taylor
Director of  Admissions
Matthew Chastine
Assistant Director
of Operations
Keith Ahee
Assistant Director
of Undergraduate Admissions
Administrative Staff
Christine Gann
Admissions Student Team Lead
  Robin Pierson
Administrative Assistant
  Jesse Cogbill
Administrative Assistant II
Erin Wells
Administrative Assistant II
    Jessica Bradbury
Administrative Assistant II
Vicki Barrilleaux   Jackie Taylor   Jennifer Alexander
Misty Dimmick   Vacant   Nikki Stifflemire
Carrie De Lussey   Fondren Notman   Brandy Bishop
Admissions Counselors
Joshua Hector
South Texas Region
  Salvador Favela
Central Texas Region
  Victoria White
Local and Out of Region
Molly Niemczyk
South Houston Region
  Dustin Nieto
San Antonio Region
  Kelsey Miller
East Texas Region
Carl Greenfield
  Lizzy Austin
Dallas/Fort Worth Region
  Jalon Berry
North Houston Region