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Clayton Wukich

Dr. Clayton Wukich (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh) Assistant Professor

Dr. Wukich teaches courses on state and local government, public & nonprofit management, emergency management, organizational theory, policy making, and research methods. Prior to teaching, Dr. Wukich worked in politics and government - on a presidential campaign, a congressional race, and in a governor’s office.

Dr. Wukich’s research interests include intergovernmental relations and collaborative governance, particularly within the policy domain of disaster and emergency management. His research focuses on how public and nonprofit agencies use information and communication technology to increase and improve interagency coordination and public participation.


Co-Principal Investigator. National Science Foundation, $40,000. Examining Emergency Evacuations and Risk Communication during the 2013 Colorado Flood.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Wukich, Clayton. Forthcoming. “Government Social Media Messages across Disaster Phases.” Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management.

Wukich, Clayton, Michael D. Siciliano, Brandon Boylan, and Jason Enia. Forthcoming. Forthcoming. “The Formation of Transnational Knowledge Networks on Social Media.” International Public Management Journal.

Siciliano, Michael D., and Clayton Wukich. Forthcoming. “Network Formation during Disasters: Exploring Micro-Level Interorganizational Processes and the Role of National Capacity.” International Journal of Public Administration.

Wukich, Clayton, and Ashish Khemka. Forthcoming. “Social Media Adoption, Message Content, and Reach: An Examination of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies.” International Journal of Emergency Management.

Wukich, Clayton, and Ines Mergel. 2016. “Reusing Social Media Information in Government.” Government Information Quarterly 33(2):305-12.

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Siciliano, Michael D., and Clayton Wukich. 2015. “Network Features and Processes as Determinants of Organizational Interaction during Extreme Events.” Complexity, Governance & Networks 2 (1):23-44.

Wukich, Clayton. 2014. “Professional Capital: Standards of Professional Performance that Underlie Interorganizational Cooperation.” Public Administration Quarterly 38 (4):134-164.

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Wukich, Clayton, and Alan Steinberg. 2013. “Nonprofit and Public Sector Participation in Self-organizing Information Networks: Twitter Hashtag and Trending Topic Use during Disasters.” Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy 4 (2):83-109.

Peer Reviewed Publications: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Wukich, Clayton, Suzanne Frew, and Alan Steinberg. Forthcoming. “Teaching Key Elements of Decision Making Online for Homeland Security and Emergency Management.” Journal of Homeland Security Education.

Wukich, Clayton, and Michael D. Siciliano. 2014. “Problem Solving and Creativity in Public Policy Courses: Promoting Interest and Civic Engagement.” Journal of Political Science Education 10 (3):352-368.

Comfort, Louise K., and Clayton Wukich. 2013. “Developing Decision-Making Skills for Uncertain Conditions: The Challenge of Educating Effective Emergency Managers.” Journal of Public Affairs Education 19 (1):53-72.

Invited Publications & Book Chapters

Wu, Hao-Che (Tristan), Sudha Arlikatti, Andrew Prelog, and Clayton Wukich. Forthcoming. “Household Response to Flash Flooding in the USA and India: A Comparative Study of the 2013 Colorado and Uttarakhand Disasters.” In Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience, edited by Michele Companion and Chaiken, Miriam. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Wukich, Clayton, and Ashish Khemka. Forthcoming. “Book Review: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Homeland and Civil Security edited by Alexander Siedschlag.” Journal of Homeland Security Education.

Wukich, Clayton, and Alan Steinberg. 2016. “Social Media for Emergency Management.” In Social Media for Government: Theory and Practice, edited by Staci M. Zavattaro and Thomas Bryer, 140-153. New York, NY: Routledge.

Wukich, Clayton, David J. Johnson, and Michael D. Siciliano. 2015. “Managing for Resilience across Multiple Scales of Action in Joplin, Missouri.” In Cities and Disasters, edited by Davia C. Downey, 173-205. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Wukich, Clayton. 2013. “Searching for Resilience.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 23 (4):1013-1019.

Comfort, Louise K., Brian Colella, Mark Voortman, Scott Connelly, Jill L. Drury, Gary L. Klein, and Clayton Wukich. 2013. “Real-time Decision Making in Urgent Events: Modeling Options for Action” Proceedings of the 10th International ISCRAM Conference, Baden-Baden, Germany, May 2013, edited by T. Comes, F. Fiedrich, S. Fortier, J. Geldermann and T. Müller, 571-580.

Wukich, Clayton. 2012. “Book Review: Designing Public Policies: Principles and Instruments by Michael Howlett.” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis 14(2):195-197.

Comfort, Louise K., Clayton Wukich, Steve Scheinert, and Leonard J. Huggins. 2011. “Network theory and practice in public administration: Designing resilience for metropolitan regions.” In The State of Public Administration: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities, edited by Donald C Menzel and Harvey L. White, 257-271. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.

Comfort, Louise K., and Clayton Wukich. 2009. “Designing Resilience: Building Community Capacity for Action.” In Disaster Management: Global Challenges and Local Solutions, edited by Rajib Shaw and R. R. Krishnamurthy, 384-399. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

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